Saturday, July 25, 2015

Can't wait to meet you ~ the world's first household robot JIBO

Seemed to see in the movie ROBOT and FRANK, the warmth of the ROBOT to FRANK, no one can.

JIBO should be regarded as the prototype of the ROBOT. The 11-inch 6 pound, aluminum body, ABS plastic and glass finish and small, portable and cute.

JIBO has two built-in high resolution camera, identification and tracking of faces. Full-bodied with a touch sensor, cute round face HD LCD touch screen, two high quality speakers is responsible for communicating with you. Built-in WIFI and Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect your Smartphone.

JIBO is not only ready to take family pictures and video calls can be completed. According to the voice and facial recognition, respectively reminded the Organization of family members of important events, and read the appropriate information, free your hands. Children will love the JIBO, it can tell a bedtime story perfectly, you fall asleep.

JIBO is more than a ROBOT. It was a member of the family.

Volume production is expected in 2016, now ordered in advance for just $ 199, here.

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