Monday, July 27, 2015

Don't 3D glasses, also can be seen in the George edgren driveway transformers

4 summer season debut, the audience filed in, I heard that the town's only cinema four lines in my hometown, a sell-out, a very busy dancing apes meal a day, managed a late, buy the first row only, friends say the movie is good, viewing is not easy, let me see and treasure (has been dizzy vomiting in the toilet).

Less than an hour he got 32 good! (Some of them for the movie itself, some are dancing apes movie spirit, some people just love the Optimus Prime!!! )

Disney 3D Cartoon Monster Silicone iPhone 5 Case

A car guy so make people fall in love, and worked tirelessly for so many years.

DIY diamond dust in the player, not just dig something sorry icon. Monsters iPhone 5 case

Academy of fine arts students Sun Peng before Donkey Kong series, young man's best work is the 5th transformers, 11.5 meters tall, weighing 6 tons, used the Dongfeng 11 vans, trucks, a free car, a Toyota Jeep, and other auto parts, mechanical textured unusually strong, now also, 751 art district in Beijing. Monster phone case

Now variable 4 released, a named George edgren of Wisconsin men also didn't free with, as one sale lawn art years of metal craftsman, in home backyard making has this 23 feet high of transformers, material is a car old of Oldsmobile Alero car of parts, from with tire making shoulder, with engine cover making chest, with door making abdominal and feet Department, to last will they combination up.

Cars in the movie variant for King Kong, just need to wipe clean a few times, stretch your OK, and DIY not as easy, George edgren took a month.

Now, this guy was standing in the driveway of George edgren, mass influx came to watch.