Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kill all the 4D movies, virtual horizon crazy roller coaster

Had mountain car this amusement project is polarization, love of people whining screaming, can't help; hate of people also whining screaming, that is scare have ~ and regardless of hate have not willing to climbed had mountain car of crowd's, those love in had mountain car Shang excited to whining screaming of group people, also has a meaning Judah not do of, think only upper and lower churning ear wind also enough stimulus. Then what are you? There is no play by jumping to a!! solar powered light

What to do with this group live (BU) (Zhi) four (Hao) injection (DAI) people? Germany has virtual circle is very sick Professor Thomas Wagner, he built a virtual roller coaster project to subdue the group without jumping from Audacity can't spend money crowd. This project is simple, is to experience simultaneous virtual images on a real roller coaster, let your eyes is no longer a simple landscape, but meteorites, dinosaur or something more adventurous little surprise. To design and construction of amusement facilities is known for the circle of Mack Rides for the project provides two roller coasters for project experiments.

In this awesome project, Professor Thomas first Oculus Rift of the head-mounted display platform, developed a series of roller-coaster ride in the form of the game. MSF for CMMI process improvement when the roller-coaster ride, you can take the head-mounted display. After the game, installed on a roller coaster wheel sensor will actually speed synchronization and virtual environments, and installed in the device location on Tracker, can make an experience to experience true roller coaster turns and rolling up and down links.

On the roller coaster of high speed racing, project experience can feel the speed of the wind rushed to the cheeks, as well as the thrill of gravity, and they appeared in front of another, more crazy world, or take a roller coaster traveling fantasy world, or sits in the submarine submarine Shuttle, or suddenly eyes compared with dinosaurs, or the thrilling flying from meteorites from outer space ... ...

In hundreds of experiments, project groups found that roller coasters and virtual vision of powerful alliances, is kill all stimulus projects, combined with the virtual challenge to stimulate a human can take the limit again and again. 4D thrill rides at this moment can only cry Halo in the toilet ... ... Exciting traditional roller coaster project, something must be done by rolling to scare riders, and this virtual Visual roller coaster, you will not know what scared and nervous ... ... It is said that the frenzied designers also intends to upgrade the Visual environment, make the experience directly feel the knock-on effect of the meteorite or Monster ... ... Cool (Xia) shoot (niao) is there! solar powered light

We can imagine that in the near future, this crazy roller coaster after the launch, you will finally have the opportunity to experience fighting with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, terrorist submarine war and battle giant monsters in a pleasant scene!

You really looked forward to this moment for you?