Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No corners rotate 360 degrees! SpinPadGrip plate bracket

SpinPadGrip plate bracket from Hong Kong, you can rotate 360 degrees without dead angle around the base, folding flip 180 degrees parallel to the base, the flexible sensitivity means that what posture support with what posture you want to use. When you do not need to support, circular ring bracket can also be used as the handle. As for adsorption, you can rest assured, as long as the Tablet is smooth on the back, you can toss what you toss.

Juicy iPhone 5 Case Love

Do not look down on this design, and also at the red dot design award last year. Wants to start with, love unusual creative grocery store for sale.

"Commodity details" property--original authentic brand--Hong Kong SpinPadGrip name--rotating handle pad bracket origin--China size--products 12*12.3*1.5cm, and containing packaging 14.3*14.5*3.3cm weight--net weight 144g, and containing packaging 228g material--ABS plastic, and PC plastic, and rubber process--fine polished, and rubber spray anti-sliding contains--1 only loaded applies--applies Yu any brand, and any size, and Smooth surface of Tablet Juicy Couture iPhone 5 cases

Love unusual creative grocery store for sale. Juicy Couture