Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not to mention unintelligible O2O this free phone after the King took it

  O2O on the air, no matter what industry, which project, there are three iconic features:

  Benefits: list of hundreds of services that must be 1 Yuan, free group, is a "habit", money is called a wayward # VC burned anyway.

  Home: shelter, food and clothing to run out, no not the door! worth while? said two.

  Marketing: find, eye-catching, and what a pompous!

  Up to 700 in a single day, maxed out the city's mobile repair O2O Flash, no doubt to avoid the above three, seemingly everything is accounted for. In Hangzhou and Beijing to promote early Flash worship throughout the city service free film. After the CEO Wang Yuan and I chat, O2O labels these bang, bang, bang on him stickers, the result was his relentless counter. Wang Yuan dolls with a slightly rounded face, but talked transcendent born mature, perhaps it is "after the CEO" tag crowd qualities. He reminded me, Flash appears to be doing subsidies, but with those 2vc project is not the same, he knew that he was doing the right thing. Seemingly low-key to establish different from each force, was still after the.

  Take a look at what Flash do? how to play?

  Earlier than their peers in 2011, Wang Yuan began to do iPhone repair, Office of "Broadway 705" has become synonymous with computer repair iPhone in town. 20 engineers, following a one-third iPhone repair business in Hangzhou, by 2014 and to millions of Yuan in water. Beginning in 2014 the Flash this Internet project, is taking the early cryogenic polishing products, later high profile marketing, quick way to spread.

  Flash repair commitments: 1 hour door-to-door service throughout the city, 20 minute quick service and repair. Wang Yuan that the phone itself is interesting, with an ornamental, users see the rest assured while explaining look interesting. Maintenance videos, in the open and transparent on the basis of information, allowing users to have a sense of participation, can be verified, make friends and users, increasing brand recognition.

  Apple began specializing in Flash, well standardized services, has now expanded to three-star category, millet and Huawei's main model. Product modular process, allowing users to "mobile phone brand > models > color > fault type" step by step, easy, anticipate problems, and give the reference price and maintenance programmes. A few simple steps can resolve in the micro-credit services, and no main App, App is H5 packaging for the time being, but left the door open for other directions.



  (Failure to Flash product selection on the screenshot)

  Begin to build a base camp outside Hangzhou in late March, June to enter Beijing, now amount to more than 100. After several months of trial and error and the two cities run, Wang Yuan says get through a model, process improvement, staff reserves in place, ready for the rapid development of the national territory. Coupled with the power of capital, earlier Flash repair man took the rice capital of millions of RMB Angel is going to pre-A now. This pace of expansion is planned in September in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and in October in Shenzhen and Chengdu in November, Wuhan, Xian, Changsha, Shenyang.

  Around cell phone repair

  Also see mobile phone service this market quite a few Internet start-ups, Wang easily using the media to cultivate fans, send phone repair mode; owned by Tencent superfix front-end processes and Flash is similar, but used to send maintenance. Though each city home the human cost of this model, but the problem is a waste of time, the possibility of secondary damage and road, the responsibilities are not clear. Using door mode startups, citing media reports of several such as household appliances housekeeper, maintenance of Wan Xiu technology, Hello, geeks, and so on. Neither one can avoid cell phone repair line of those already buried crater.

  The first pit: not official phone is lying!

  Mobile phone market in the early years of chaos, parts confusion, false prices, "mobile phone" + "computer city" scene into a synonym of bluff. In order to guarantee quality, are less price-sensitive users will look for the manufacturer brand of professional maintenance. But brand specializing in processing speed, quantities are limited, and some even sent back to the factory, is time-consuming. Internet entrepreneurship is the essence of more resources to the user orientation, quality and time into two core issues in front of the new industry giants, who took the lead to resolve these two problems, who got a head start.

  Second: freely and I can't persuade Wang Luo, maintenance elements come from?

  An unavoidable problem is the maintenance component of the supply chain, to ensure that genuine, ensure adequate supply? remember from Luo Yonghao vs Kings free game, old grip easily repair component routing problems. Components for Flash, also known as the authentic, original split from Shenzhen team, the team acquired United States cheap genuine contracts, down into its parts supply to Flash repair maintenance. Wang Yuan also emphasized that Flash accessories to these original disassemble a vetting mechanism, are used only by professional engineers testing parts. However, as old holding onto, original removed piece of ill-gotten, whether there is sustainable? first, in the United States credit society, contract breach costs are very high. Second, the contract is no longer the telecommunications main purchase, trade-in, and diversity of telecommunications business, might make the invisible industry lost supply.

  The third pit: how long is a low maintenance can track?

  O2O play, pay attention to the high frequency and low frequency, cell phones have a higher price, but low frequency. If there is no high frequency services to drive, there is no reason to remember the brand. Wang Yuan did not deny this, but trust, once established, customer loyalty is very high. High frequency to the phone itself doesn't work, the brand and the user stickiness, can play in appropriate context by other things.

  Say cell phone repair, more exactly, Wang Yuan long track of fancy mobile phones have been sold, specific rules of the game are from the trade-in to the secondary sale of old cell phones.

  The new-for-old, a lot of people are, but how to allow the user to choose you?

  Wang Yuan Apple release rhythms infused with, change the lifestyle of the new phones every year, but in fact changed old phones can also be used. User demands security, genuine, no trouble at all, not to recycle old cell phones, but can feel the first time new technology products. Users only need to fix Flash man 2000 each year, they will get a new mobile phone delivery, helping users in the old phone App, contacts and other information to a new mobile phone, old phone information removed in front of users. The completion of the action, in fact, the upstream and downstream directions of imagination:

  One, will occupy a new sales channel, and were strong demand for new products, and quality to less price-sensitive users. That was a different time Business today you need

  Second, recycling old cell phones, and of good quality, Flash can put them into three or four cities, secondary sales.

  Third, the color is bad can cannibalize, become a source of cell phone repair original spare parts, maintenance main feed business.

  Three steps to correctly open the O2O

  Answering the question raised at the beginning of the article, Wang Yuan to O2O idea, looks like new.

  1. non-blind subsidy: free film instead of free maintenance

  Story VC O2O project burned money market, subsidies in first-tier cities of white-collar workers. Massage, manicure, send the lobster, a wide variety of free driving entrepreneurial companies in the eyes of the elite users accustomed to the habits of freeloading. Wang Yuan stressed that they are different from competing products, pastes the membrane but does not free the phone to Corporation, you have to know what is your purpose in doing this. In order to let more users know that the Flash brand, mobile didn't think Flash repair man try instead to make an impression in a film company. So when introduced in each film, Flash on mobile maintenance and user interaction, like bad battery with long life, will recommend users discounts for batteries.

  2. not home for O2O: starting from the user's demand

  Wang Yuan looks forward to state: "door is to the user don't have to waste your time on the road, a cup of coffee, I can safely let Flash phone repaired. "Do the complex things simple, listen to the user's voice. Phone anytime, but not in order to the door, you have to spend time waiting for me at home. Wang Yuan on I started to give him the door label refused: "this particularly low is not the future of O2O coat, holding the door banner. "Cell phone users don't want to wait a second, but to create a sense of the convenience of anytime, anywhere, so that time and place are no longer is a limiting factor, which is that users need to style.

  3. marketing: rides, fried topics, emphasis on philosophy

  Marketing was Wang Yuan does not deny that, watch the Flash of several marketing, I found their level is progressive. Marketing is a lift for the first time, in February this year in Hangzhou "the most beautiful Apple store" open Flash sent two Spider-man to lift market, fruit powder, accurate against the crowd.

  Second times is topic marketing, a days night I brush friends circle, brush to Wang Yuan sent has article exception of friends circle (following figure), now I on think this buddy hype does! didn't thought hype into has "history Shang most strong boss" topic, micro-Bo hot found list sixth, day has 300duowanduo participation volume, zhihou has dozens of home various media to reported this topic. Grasp the social sensitive problems such as marriage, buying a home, extremely topical.




  (Pictured from the circle of friends of Wang Yuan)

  Wang Yuan after privately told me that wants to do "a certain man" riding a horse to the congested streets of Beijing Mobile, in addition to the stunt, is trying to convey a special behind the "House" concept, not to your home, but convenient to you mobile phone anywhere, anytime.