Thursday, November 12, 2015

Read it drive you don t panic

Driving process, dashboard fault lamp alarm will suddenly appear occasionally, though with the interpretation of each alarm lights in the car manual, but a few people to understand? In such cases, perhaps only you can do in a hurry to get angry calls asking: what are the warning lights on the dashboard mean? Car can do?

Read it, drive you don't panic ... ...

Vehicle each time when I first started, will be lit on the dashboard "colourful" vehicle alarm indicator, vehicle parts, this is a system performing a self-test, if not extinguish the warning lights, is that it represents a system problem.

Onion concise today for everyone to talk about those common alarm dashboard lights what does is mean.

Onion summed up, distribution of these warning lights on the dashboard is divided into three main categories:

1, indicate that a class

What does it mean? Is actually used to describe vehicles present state of work, let everyone be aware of.

Read it, drive you don't panic ... ...

Category 2, tips

If this led lights up, indicating the abnormal state of the vehicle or driver does not properly, you need to do some processing.

Read it, drive you don't panic ... ...

3, fault classes Push the debut in January 2016 Volkswagen New

If fails a class icon lights up, that car has failed, should be carried out as soon as possible a thorough overhaul.

Read it, drive you don't panic ... ...

In short, we see icon lights up on the dashboard when must be calm, calm, calm, first decide what fault lights are lit up, and then deal with it reasonably.

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