Sunday, November 15, 2015

The magazine readers with ink is also do phone dual screen mobile phone

15th, "Asia's first published" research and development of the reader "reader reads DZS2" intelligent dual-screen phone at the 17th session of the China international high-tech fair (the fair). Readers also marked the change from traditional publishing to digital publishing is a new exploration. Readers in Asia were very influential, media-oriented culture enterprise, its highest monthly circulation of 12 million, which still accounts for the position of third in the world and the largest in Asia.

The magazine readers with ink is also do phone dual screen mobile phone

Gansu province business Office Deputy Director Zhang Shien introduced, readers group as Gansu province focus build of well-known culture industry, in transformation upgrade and digital published aspects made has active of exploration and many of practice, by readers holding established of readers Gansu digital technology limited (referred to readers digital), a culture added technology type of enterprise full play itself of brand advantage, conform to digital published development of new trend, active caters to Internet times reading and spread way of new features, and new requirements, in open cooperation, and Complementary advantages and resource sharing principles, and exploring the development of traditional media in transition and new ways to cross. Homemade picture when it will be spring

"The reader has experienced 35 years of history, this time enabling us to read the memories of the reader. "Said Ji Xiping, Chairman of readers publishing media group, now we read more than 80 channels of broad, a smart phone can basically meet the needs, traditional publishing readers ' reading habits by the high-tech industry and impact.

In response to this situation, in recent years, digital readers representative group of readers from traditional publishing to digital publishing bold transformation of the forces nouvelles, from content production to innovation of hardware and software development, actively attempts to mass, all-round. Has been successfully developed and launched 8 daidian paper books, tablets and smart phones, and the latest electronic information technology and scientific and technological achievements, such as the use of Internet technology to the field of publishing, formed a "reader library" as the main body, with "data processing" and "readers intelligent Terminal" for the two wings of "one body two wings" development pattern.

Ji Xiping said, the development of "readers read is DZS2" intelligent double screen phone is a paragraph "good solutions satisfactory" reading tool, because now many people gave up has traditional paper quality books and select with electronic ink screen reading device to for reading, ink screen double screen phone of appeared will phone application and eBook reading device seamless combined in with, health nursing eye, super low power meet mass reading by needed.

The company disclosed that "readers read DZS2" the ink used is currently on the domestic and international markets are one of the most excellent screen, than Russia has released YotaPhone2, its unique properties and built-in digital readers of independent research and development of "reader library", people will have a different reading experience.