Monday, November 9, 2015

Baidu source business platform O2O eco to further improve

  On August 12, the billion euro net wallet invited Baidu in Beijing organized by the theme "converging interests, breaking the marginal" source ecological cooperation business platform of Baidu started Assembly. Start Conference, Bai said Zhang Zhenghua, fubao, Baidu in the era of mobile Internet is committed to connecting service, building Internet environment.

  Meanwhile, Baidu source business platform (hereinafter "source") today launched formal are open to businesses, main functions is brings together merchants offers precise distributed to users, pushing Baidu O2O ecological to improve further. Source and commercial platform has also released the same day, "Baidu wallet O2O Rights League". The Rights League, first launched from door-to-door service businesses brought together through Union operations help on-site, third-party partners to improve user efficiency, reduce the cost of offline operation.

  Along the bumpy, Baidu's wallet in the twists and turns on

  In 2008, Baidu had to work together to "Yes" enter when it launched the "hundred fubao", and later with the business strategy, best fubao State of being stranded. In 2013, Baidu launched Baidu finance platform, hundreds of fubao back into public view. April 2014, Bai renamed fubao, Baidu, Baidu launched payment brand wallet embedded in Baidu in all its mobile products. In April 2015, fubao General Manager Zhang Zhenghua said Baidu Baidu wallet wallet will launch an independent APP.

  Baidu rely on massive flows of resources, with more than 600 million active users, industry analysis, Baidu transformation 30% wallets as long as user traffic is sufficient to directly impact existing business systems. But do this is still has difficulty, because Baidu of user and paid treasure, and micro-letter paid of user has overlap, has part has habits paid treasure and micro-letter paid of using way, if wants to put these flow diversion to Baidu wallet, not only need technology support, more need change user existing of consumption habits, how attract user to attempts to new of trading tool and mode is Baidu of problem where.

  It is reported that "source" wallet team responsible for the operation of Baidu, Baidu will position it as do offline to create accurate online O2O marketing management platform, based on the map search, Baidu, Baidu Union, Baidu entry, offline businesses the original Baidu wallet offers precision injection users.

  Following the 20 billion yuan investment after the rice business, Baidu rallying O2O

  Baidu in the BAT's opening plays the role of a bridge, after the user reaches the Baidu, will soon be able to go to the desired Web site, and on the mobile Internet, users demand from "find information" extend to "services." This means that Baidu is not only aggregate information, and also aggregate business services to meet the needs of mobile phones the mobile consumer. 5050 innovation and entrepreneurship competition

  Baidu has been short on e-commerce in June of this year, Li announced that within the next 3 years will increase by 20 billion yuan investment in glutinous rice, and with Baidu's wallet, to create source business platform, and Baidu search, Google map to form a perfect O2O closed-loop chain.

  To make mobile payments to let users accept, need to grasp the flow inlet, cover three key dimensions and payment instruments. Analysis of the industry, Baidu O2O distribution infrastructure in at least three:

  Is a rich application scenarios and use of boundaries, adapted to both entities cover scenarios such as catering and service, but also facilitate the virtual payment, such as game charge, recharge, products purchased, etc.

  Second, the comprehensive payment products can improve, mobile payment security is key--how to prevent Trojan viruses, malicious mobile applications pose a security risk, how to protect user data from being compromised or reselling, how to prevent mobile phone lost by the criminals through cell phone text messages to verify password modify payment instruments catering, rapid, anonymous consumer shopping offline.

  Third, user awareness and use of the entry, payment habits, when consumers, merchants generally use, there is Matthew. From a user experience point of view, consumers and businesses are reluctant to traditional payment process an additional link, so promoting implementation and marketing tools are also very important.

  "Source" start would give Baidu wallet more features, more content-rich, coupled with Baidu O2O consumption scenarios: mobile maps Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Baidu glutinous rice has access wallet, wallet makes Baidu consumer stickiness will be greatly enhanced.

  On the line, and Baidu wallet with many mainstream e-commerce platform, including United States online, beauty of high quality product, easy to find food, next to shop, I bought a net, where net, donkey mother.

  Online Xia, and CITIC published group, and in the grain group, and hundred WINS group, and Shandong aviation, and new world group, and friends ceremony meeting, and brush hand ring, cooperation exploration, cover eat, and wear, and live, and line, and leisure entertainment zainei of many scene, cooperation brand includes has new world department store, and Beijing a cartoon, and KFC, and sipped feeding, and Harbour fishing, and good child fitness, and Haagen-Dazs, and Hamburg King, and good neighbors,.

  Baidu source business platform: Baidu O2O an important part in the development of

  Next will use Baidu wallet "source" information integrated into businesses, and helping traditional businesses to do mobile marketing guide to passenger traffic in stores, consumption, consumer services, and not just a means of payment. For businesses, the source can help businesses based on geographical location, target users, put on the precise privileges granted the channel, move the mobile consumer; users, use Baidu, Baidu search, maps and other products in the process of targeted offers can be obtained, simply spending bill binding Baidu's bank card payment wallet, you can automatically obtain preferential.

  Baidu interests lizheng expressed O2O door-to-door service traffic into low, weak and pushed at high cost, sales, branding and other phenomena, while Baidu can give businesses have three values:

  Baidu is a flow. Baidu maps Baidu, Baidu, Baidu through mobile phones wallet, direct source, Baidu, the League of rights, SDK, platform, O2O merchant traffic; take the form of online cross pushed, benefiting businesses within the Union;

  Second, services. By Baidu Baidu developer business center technology, government relations, and other supports, O2O venture provide incubators;

  Third, business model, the source system.

  As one of the three giants of the Internet, Baidu in the area frequently O2O punches, with Baidu's wallet, integrating online and offline business deals, be changed Baidu's massive flows of resources of a good plan. This release source business platform, Baidu is dedicated to traditional business adapting no problem on the Internet, to build a more extensive consumer and service scenarios, the underlying service resources and as a solid foundation, creating a more efficient and convenient O2O ecosystem.