Friday, November 27, 2015

Tickets software author disclosure seven on the travel ticket questions

The annual Spring Festival travel season curtain, tickets home to a lot of anxiety. 12306 sites keep these years to adjust a ticket system, Cheetah tickets master author of wooden fish to 12306 System 7 problem resolution:

1. unstable 12306, cards, and other

This is one of the most common problems. 12306 each spring brings a lot of adjustment, a large number of booking people flocked, and a bunch of high frequency levels ten times per second the server query bombing 12306 don't slow, hard.

Slow time (such as CAPTCHA brush does not come out, not to queue), endure, and try again. It's not booking software can solve a thing, of luck and skill.

Why 12306 so slow is because 12306 slag it? Of course not. Cause you don't know? Is everybody going home for the new year, hundreds of millions of people caused by fierce brush!

2. obviously not available, showed the vote; or show tickets, failed to submit ticket

This is a high frequency problems appeared in recent days.

You may encounter this situation: minutes away from the sale, but said XXX already have tickets for sale. Such as Changchun day stand up for sale for 12 points. Now at 11:50, tickets to be displayed like this:

Tickets software author disclosure: seven on the travel ticket questions

But God damn is that sometimes not available, you will find that writing a ticket.

Tickets software author disclosure: seven on the travel ticket questions

Of course, this kind of ticket you are unlikely to be submitted successfully.

Tickets software author disclosure: seven on the travel ticket questions

This problem is difficult to explain, because and 12306 system. Individual cases, 12306 returned data may be wrong and obviously haven't a ticket, it said, let you submit, submitted later said no ticket.

Whether this condition is currently unknown for the time being. Currently, you can judge for yourself if you want to submit as prompted. If you have submitted this tip too much interference, you can try to ignore the data. Method is that the Cheetah master tickets check the following options.

Tickets software author disclosure: seven on the travel ticket questions

In addition, be sure to mention: invalid data or incorrect data is not necessarily certain cannot be submitted successfully. So if not deeply disturbed, do not select, or unexpected delays may submit its own ticket.

3. train not check, or show restricted, or display of the provisional sale to ... ...

12306 volume adjustment, adjustment to complete the sale.

Currently known should be completed before January 10 of adjustment, so more attention within one month.

When will be available? That only 12306 know, chances are they don't know customer service.

4. the verification code is difficult to read, can you go around?

I have always believed that people who want to bypass the CAPTCHA is innocent and naïve people ... ... Either ticket scalpers

1) if there is no authentication code, so normal users is definitely Rob but cattle, do not be coy, thought that without verification code will be faster

2) code cannot be identified, you to identify somebody else would have to recognize this is equal. Eyesight not myopic don't know what of, bad luck or a natural competitiveness Oh no--it is part of the strength, no reason you let them wait for you

3) there is a common misconception: I see tickets, all because of this verification code but not buy. This relationship with the verification code not much, may you see when votes were long gone. This involves a lot of technical detail, not here.

4) "why 12306 against all this code! "? Please, 12306 was forced out this CAPTCHA, really wants to let everybody go home go much more smoothly. If all of the tickets go to crack CAPTCHA software, will most likely result in ticketing systems due to serious traffic congestion and cause everyone can't buy a ticket. Like all cars abandoned on the road traffic rules to grab emergency lanes, you think about it, in this case, the road can go?

5.12306 log, contacts, important reminders

12306 now does not allow an account log on multiple devices (including multiple browsers, small models, such as computers, cell phones and grab), so if you want to help, it is best to use the second or third account, unless you can't also participate.

To be on the safe side, ready for a few more accounts are extremely good.

Particular attention is now 12306 contact maximum limit of 15 and cannot be deleted within six months, so do not in their account of the Riga others, protecting yourself when not used.

In addition, if a social security number is added to the more than five 12306 account, might be 12306 judgement for the fraudulent use of identity, it must authenticate to the station, means that you must resolve to the station, can't be used online to buy tickets, please be sure to pay attention.

6. why didn't vote for sale?

This is due to the restricted policy.

Simply put, restricted policy is a different station on the line of ticket quotas are not the same, General station, the terminal of origin is levied by many of the big, little or practically no other small station.

It is generally recommended to buy tickets, buy a few more stations to the station or directly buying votes. (Tickets are cheap, buy a few more stations and not much dearer)

Currently know news is limited generally in the last few days lifted. For spring, however, can you wait until that time?

Hot line wants to buy some passing students awareness of the direct express! Buy probability is not high sleeper!

Behind the chances that tickets did not sell out to the station, students can make a long and amazing! This is the Spring Festival transportation Spring Festival transportation Spring Festival!

7. really is every hour, has it?

This misunderstanding is probably one of the most silent.

This can be said to be correct, but is only for pre-sale period no later than the day, that is, in fact, it says that every hour, has a new station started selling tickets.

Already available when there are votes out of the station, then only God knows.

So the General recommendation was that concern when you have time. Shun Feng Haitao two points made cross border