Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fighting smart home who can get the blue sea

  Will automatically start informed users home time to optimize the air conditioning, according to time and weather on a regular basis automatically improve indoor lighting intelligent light system, and according to schedule in time for users of intelligent coffee machines grinding fresh coffee ... ... the "intelligent home" concept of the era of hot products are moving towards more intelligent.

  Imaginary space, the market also. According to the recently released the smart home market research report of 2015, China showed that by 2018, intelligent home in China market will reach 180 billion yuan.

  It also brought great temptation, when enterprises have announced access to the smart home market, SME entrepreneurs are even watching this "cake". In Foshan, the perfect industrial chain, trying to add as many small and medium "fighting" shortcut, but this addition would really make money for them?

  Smart home industry of Foshan "flowers"

  After more than 20 years of development, the so-called outbreak has come to smart homes, in this "battlefield", besides the traditional advantages of real estate and home improvement industry, household appliance companies, Internet companies, and even telecom operators "foot".

  Industry more than half are "home" in Foshan in the intelligent home field is related to the "flowers". Traditional home appliance manufacturers such as midea, Zhi Gao is redoubling its efforts to transition to intelligent direction. Among them, introduced the M-Smart strategy of beauty, from the category networking, automation, single category wise Butler automatic control communities, shops, hospitals and industry interaction and application of smart home ecosystem; in 2012 launched the world's first variable-frequency chigo air conditioning, but also means a high profile to enter the field of intelligent home.

  This trend spread in different industries. When some traditional furniture manufacturers in price, when fighting in the Red Sea, Foshan left where the smart home captures the current market demand for small apartment hardcover, and a well-known real estate developer vanke, decimating the city in Qingdao, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cooperation hardbound room showroom.

  They developed a series of intelligent home integration into intelligent living space, users can use the mobile APP for remote control and remote monitoring in the State. "We are still trying to implant light perception, somatosensory, data acquisition systems, build customer habits and data system, and the next two or three years to achieve human-computer interaction. "Left, General Manager of smart home in Foshan Chen Lei said.

  Not just furniture, lighting, doors and Windows and other related household products company, also tried to venture into smart home in this area. Kaixiou lighting is working on Intelligent Sensing of LED lights, Chairman Wu Yulin said they have cooperated with a University in Shanghai, in the smart home for further exploration. LED public company in Foshan nationstar optoelectronics Exhibition Hall, also have smart home showroom.

  In the eyes of entrepreneurs, favored by the capital's smart home is the "meat and potatoes". MadNet shortly before business community at a time on a small exhibition of smart wearable device, a smart Air Purifier is particularly striking. The products developed by the enterprise in Foshan, also belong to a category in the smart home.

  MadNet entrepreneurial community Director Zeng Junwei, Foshan has its own advantages in smart home development, "in terms of Internet start-ups, Foshan is the most explosive plate intelligent hardware, including smart home is a growth area, also has many years of industrial resource accumulation. "

  Ecological platform focusing the development?

  For some traditional enterprise in Foshan, and the "intelligent home" concept has become a transition choice. Greek data technology, Ltd, Foshan City Guangdong equity trading centre's Board in early August this year after the start of the first instalment of a listed company. This has set up a 12-year company was started with intercom, "accompanied by waves of industrial upgrading, we started doing the intelligent home, in order to develop community. "The company's Marketing Director, said Gao Jianguo.

  Equity trading center in Guangdong road, Gao Jianguo carry a number of the company's products, in addition to the company's advantage outside the radio, also various kinds of sensors and controllers. "We are doing a whole home solution, users can, through our own APP to control home appliances. "Gao Jianguo said that in addition to regular outside the control of light intensity, the entire system also has an emergency button, gas, fire alarm, and so on. And as security started business, Mariyasu has also been added to the APP mode and mode selection at home away from home, to ensure user safety.

  Compared market on intelligent home of various imagine, Greek Ann this sets intelligent home system looks more conservative, intelligent of more stay in using phone APP for remote control Shang, but Mariyasu also wants to stepped out more far of a step, "we of system in bi garden has began installation, also has and green, and poly of cooperation, future we hope through hardware and software of combined, development became convenient community, and hotel accommodation of wisdom community. "Gao Jianguo said.

  Rose from single product platform to eco, smart home "additive", has always been a Giants game. Haier published last year, for example, "U+" and M-Smart strategy of beauty, including the BAT have also made the big three platforms. In addition, the layout of three major telecom operators are also active in Foshan Telecom Internet "+" Gallery, relying on China Telecom's fibre-optic cable running up smart home next goal will be to create clouds of wisdom community.

  To do the same, "adding" what makes SMEs compete with Giants? Mariyasu, the price is a "killer app". "A three-bedroom suite, minimum takes only about 30,000 yuan to do smart home. "Gao Jianguo said, while the Greek Cypriot side also offers customized one-on-one. But on the other hand, in the face of the influx of Internet giants, Gao Jianguo said the Greek Cypriot side has designed complete industrial chain as a whole, research and development, production, and supporting hardware landed is supported by big data platform to the BAT a distinct advantage.

  We all choose to be "additive", also choose "subtraction". Located in Jiujiang, Nanhai, Guangdong treasure as technology flagship intelligent lights, annual output value of 300 million Yuan, is currently working with Lin wood, O2O for store in-store lighting solutions and support.

  In the field of intelligent home, Liu Hongji Bao as technology Executive Director said the company is also in the layout, but it is still focused on the high-end light field, "for the development of intelligent home, we are still exploring, is a walking step. "Liu Hongji said.

  How to make money are still problem

  Adding value or market potential. The smart home market research report on China 2015 according to the scale of China's intelligent home market in 2016 would be a significant increase. By 2018, as the main platform for intelligent home systems and large data services platform, and equipment manufacturers and raw materials improved, smart home products is acceptance in the consumer market, the market scale will reach 180 billion yuan.

  But how this has become "Red Sea" survive and make money in the market, but it is not an easy question to answer. When asked about profitability, Gao Jianguo hesitated, gave no direct response. This problem also plagued most of the intelligent home business. Smart Home World Congress held in June this year (Smart Home World), opportunities for participants in the smart home market much, as well as discussions on issues such as how to make money.

  Insiders pointed out that smart home products prices "artificially high", so companies tend to rely on intelligence from consumers ' pockets concept is not sustainable. "An intelligent modules, many just a WiFi module, and at most 50 Yuan, but attached to the product, immediately hundreds of product prices rose." Technology industry media had said in an interview with the media, compared with tens of thousands of Yuan, smart home products relatively tasteless. GAO Jianguo said, the current Greek an most of the smart home system is still used in bed and breakfast.

  Build smart home platform, even late in the intelligence community, and various related ancillary are equally important, which means that enterprises are doing "additive" needed in the process of integration of various resources, coordinate the interests of all parties. Among them, the network support was a crucial factor. "If the infrastructure cannot keep up, will to a certain extent affect the customer's experience. "Huang Xingke chigo air conditioning, Vice Chairman and President said.

  Currently, the network infrastructure is still in the hands of three major telecom operators, co-operation or integration? for SMEs still need to rely on communications network operators to build smart home platform, Gao Jianguo said the more cautious, "we are using China Telecom's network. "

  But after all, the "smart home relies on its own is not a company can achieve. "Contact He Zhitao, Chairman of interactive, intelligent hardware need software, hardware, service and operations coordination, relying on macro-Enterprise small business, into a large platform together with intelligent hardware items may be inevitable. Nine launch four intelligence products small electrical