Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do not choose Huawei cell phone how to play intelligent life

  Future of home should is how of? with with Huawei phone a sound minor of voice reminded, thermostat device in you into housing zhiqian on automatically open has heating, and housing within also according to you of automatically opened and regulation good lights of shade, with with a cup hot coffee of released, TV audio has according to you of preferences began has set business program of download and play...... For each smart fast life of the desire to be like Tony Stark's business elite, this efficient and intelligent life is ideal, but this scene is not only imagination, will become a reality.

Do not choose Huawei cell phone how to play intelligent life?

  In 2000, when Bill Gates is located in Seattle's "the House of the future" unveiled in front of the media, people realized that "intelligent life" and the gradual acceptance of the concept. But among the "elite" category for people, big hardware building is still too extravagant, feel that intelligent life is not the channel through smart home, but through mobile messaging experience for high-end mobile phones such as Huawei P8-from daily reminders to behavior analysis, as well as a one-stop mobile APP brings cost pay and reservation services.

Do not choose Huawei cell phone how to play intelligent life?

  Wave of intelligent life fierce blow in recent years, many well-known technology companies also joined the trend. It's not, the world's largest maker of communications equipment company signed agreements with the world's biggest appliance maker Haier, one of the core is the "mobile intelligent Terminal to interact with appliances", which means Huawei mobile phones will become intelligent appliance system main entrance. Imagine that when a complex sensor function (infrared, sound, temperature, vibration, displacement, and so on) by means of a small cell phone portable implementation, make smart home with your heart and move more easily. Drones also need drivers technology gave birth

Do not choose Huawei cell phone how to play intelligent life?

  "Future of housing" of built process in the, spent has large building materials, and and widely layout mirror touch screen, and and for master and tenant configuration carry Intelligent remote control only achieved has intelligent home; and contemporary of trend elite only need a Department similar Huawei P8 of intelligent phone on can easily in residential platform on home electrical and appliances equipment implementation remote control, not only cost more low, one phone on from communications-induction-mode calculation-reminded-task, management link of integration, design sharply leading; and temperature humidity, and indoor of air quality, and Indoor environment parameters such as light intensity in real time on a mobile phone reminders, can make you feel kind of the first time.

  Penetration rates for intelligent home devices is said to have Europe and high-end communities near 30%, is trying to win high-end business elite life experience, facing the smart home design has begun to spread, just open it with a Huawei phone smart life experience, are you ready?