Friday, January 22, 2016

Secure holiday Every Smartphone requires this feature

  Yahoo technology columnist Luobu·peigelanuo (Rob Pegoraro) recently published an article on Yahoo Tech, said every Smartphone requires a function, that is the holiday mode.

  Rob's article is as follows:

  I hope you spend a nice holiday in August to enjoy the singular beauty of nature landscapes, relaxing. But I suspect that you did not do so, instead of staring at the screen all day to get by.

  Why am I so sure? because I did it myself, and now I regret it. Wherever and whenever possible with their phones with them everywhere, thought this gadget will help our lives, but now I think it has brought us interference is actually better.

  Turn off your mobile phone as well as cut off our hand

  I know what you must be thinking. The easiest way to solve this problem is the "turn off your damn cell phone." But this does not help. In addition to enabling us to talk to people far away beyond the call, the mobile phone has become the main way we interact with the world around them. Applications on the phone can tell where we are, what's around, and how to go to these places.

  When we find ourselves in an unfamiliar environment, and phones that help was obvious. Like my good friend alikesi·huohuade (Alex Howard) in an article published in the Huffington Post said that, while he was living in Maine, his iPhone provides a great help to him.

  Problem is, no matter how much you passed their phones to get help, you can't avoid when you relax in the quiet and undisturbed.

  Howard wrote in the article, he only checked 2 times in a week work email, but every private mailbox 1 views. He had issued 26 Twitter, sharing 25 photos on Instagram, issued 21 Facebook updates. How amazing it is self-discipline.

  Two years ago, when I was on vacation, you can completely ignore most of the social media, but now I think I must have done this. Our intelligent home how far

  Not the model we should have, but we need to model

  Of course, our mobile phones can provide more help for us. They offer a flight mode, most of the mobile phone also provides a power-saving mode, some drives do not disturb mode is even provided, so why not add a new "don't bother me, I'm on holiday," new model?

  Holiday mode can provide navigation and geo-location applications as usual, Google maps, Yelp and Foursquare does not need to worry about that, but the holiday mode all email and other distractions can be filtered out.

  In default mode, it will display only the nearby friends or closest person on the latest content posted on social media. It would also restrict original content update alerts. All other information will be delayed until you come home again to inform you.

  It will be in the same style to manage your Inbox, receive important information from contacts to quickly display, but all other information is hidden. It may be hidden in every night with a table of information, you can decide whether to turn on this feature.

  I'm not sure if holiday patterns should give social media release, because if the handset refused to micro-blog posts seem to be a little annoying. But in my opinion, reduce the number of published information on the social media will naturally lead to interference reduction by social media.

  Whether there will be provided after the holiday mode smart phone? because both Google and Apple drive mode is not supported, so they provide vacation mode is also unlikely. Windows Phone is different, Google and Apple's mobile operating system do not include automatic switching Bluetooth Bluetooth model, users will still be using mobile phone manufacturer-installed plug-ins such as Motorola and Samsung cell phone is so.

  This is a life-saving feature, which is more important than the more quiet. It doesn't even let me set up a smart watch notification feature.

  DIY holiday mode settings

  Before the phone manufacturers have introduced the holiday mode, you have some modifications to your most commonly used mobile application ...

  When you use Facebook, you can be best friends to "close friends" and then show these close friends you can see only the content of the News Feed. Click on the "more" menu button opens the drop-down menu and select "close friends".

  If you have been using Facebook's "close friend" features, online will be sorted according to the distance between you and them.

  In e-mail messages, select Google and Apple's strategy is completely different. E-mail in Gmail and other Google applications, you have to trust Google to help you identify the top information priorities.

  Apple's "VIPs" feature allows you to set your important contacts, if you click in the list of mailboxes "VIPs", you can only consider messages from contacts. This does not need to trust the an algorithm, but remember to update list of VIPs.

  Lollipop version of Android in non-mail function and iOS VIPs function the same, you can customize the priority notification feature only accepts calls from some contacts and send messages. Apple's "do not disturb" function is also less flexible because "do not disturb" function call that can control and filter contacts, messages cannot control and filtering the contact person.

  Finally, you can also control the chat application using how much bandwidth. In iOS, you can prevent them from using the mobile data in the settings. Android also does not allow the user to an application using the WiFi network for customization, but you can use the interface settings data truncated background data access from any application.

  After all, if you decide to vacation mode as the daily mode, no one can blame you.