Saturday, January 9, 2016

Apple s new challenge iPhone6 or contrarian growth iPhone6s

  With the release of iPhone6s approaches, various messages based on the iPhone6s card series. On the iPhone6s configuration parameter and highlights have been confirmed. IPhone6s will bring a different hardware upgrades, the A8 to A9 processor upgrade memory upgrade to 2GB, main camera up to 12 million pixels, in addition, to avoid bending the door repeat the material stronger to prevent bending the fuselage. In addition, iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus 6s will join the Force Touch technology, which may be iPhone6s relative to the iPhone6 only highlights. Highlights and lack of innovation will give Apple what are the new challenges?

  From an overall perspective, upcoming iPhone 6s this year compared with the previous generation, it only iPhone firmware upgrade 6 new devices, the current exposure of screen Panel and Shell also confirmed iPhone6s in the homogeneity of the previous generation. And as we know, released on Apple's new device, equipment must be carried out before a round of price cuts, promote synchronous lifting sales of new and old equipment. According to the current message, next-generation iPhone prices and previous iPhone, including iPhone iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the initial price, expected future price will 5288RMB start, but different colors and styles and materials iPhone6s prices may be different. IPhone6s quotes of various colors according to the domestic channels in non-State market, Rose Gold Edition is the most expensive, and silver, and silver are expensive in the grey, even so, deep-sky grey iPhone 6S Plus (16G/32G/64G) offers up to 5700/6420/7130.

  Since its release in 2007 since the original product, Apple stick to old and new devices are divided into three price marketing strategies, new product pricing in the next six months has been strong, and 1 years old would cost us $ 100~200 less. IPhone6 was released, fell to iPhone5s from 5288 4488. According to this law, we'll know, iPhone6 cuts or at 800~1000 Yuan, but, in fact, due to the iPhone6s release just around the corner, many users cash, iPhone6 prices are declining, has even affected the factory orders. Don t wait for Chinese translation Peter Thiel

  According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the company recently announced a 2015 second-quarter revenue data, which rose by 27%, far below the increases of the last two quarters. As we know, Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai group is the world's largest electronics contract manufacturer, the apples are their biggest customers. Currently Hon Hai said iPhone6 orders have now substantially reduced, and one of the reasons is that fewer people now buy iPhone 6 not iPhone6 didn't sell, but most of the users are in a State of wait-and-see, waiting for after the release of iPhone6s iPhone6 starting with slashing. Now the gray market has responded, parallel port version iPhone6 sells has close to 4000 Yuan. According to Apple's pricing rules in the past, iPhone6S market, iPhone6 may cut prices to less than 4000 Yuan, cost-effective iPhone6 new users have great temptation for cash, and just a general upgrade of iPhone6s sales is a huge obstacle.

  Insiders observe, iPhone upgrade route follows the pattern: appearance modified even years, in odd-numbered years l configuration. This shows in odd-numbered years to buy iPhone users cannot distinguish between users with the purchase last year. Apple understands this, start by changing the color and materials designed to enhance the identification of new products and prices to stimulate sales. Apple Watch pricing strategy reflects Apple launched at design extends beyond the product itself, material, process values, media news, 24K Gold Edition iPhone 6s reserve price of £ 2300 (approximately RMB 23140). There are also diamond star, based on more diamonds in the Gold Edition, reservation price of 10,000 pounds (about 100,000 yuan). However, current levels of domestic income and the relative pragmatic people, gold, Diamond Edition do not have community-wide basis. Once the user cannot be distinguished by common versions of the new iPhone 6, highlighting new product style, delicate psychological button discount status symbol, often result in prices after the iPhone6 sales trend growth.

  "The godfather of Silicon Valley" and "father of high-tech marketing magic" Geoffrey Moore (Geoffrey Moore) have been published based on the theory of technology product marketing, in his view, the stage of technology products to different markets, also needs to change its marketing methods. "Innovators" is the earliest use of 2.5% users of the product for people who need to rely on their new products to attract some users; 13.5% followed by the product user groups, identity and uniqueness are the focus of attention and the "early majority" (then 34%) want is recognized by the people.

  This corresponds to the iPhone body to analyze Word, whereby vs iPhone6 users have, iPhone6s creative highlights is enough to affect their core elements of replacement demand, such as in the iPhone since the release of 6, 18% iPhone users chose to replace the updated cell phone, obviously, big screens are driving this part of the user for the key highlights. IPhone6s in appearance, due to screen size and configuration upgrades compared to the iPhone the difference is small, inertia upgrading trend has led to a new machine for their purchase desire decreases. In addition, Apple Apple is often inadequate Pay advance new sales a major constraint, for Apple in Apple's current iPhone 6S Pay mobile payment capability of near field communication (NFC) chip was upgraded, to enhance the security of mobile payments. This is one of the highlights of the iPhone6s, but Apple's negotiations are not going well, leading Apple Pay on line a year later, only in the United States and the United Kingdom. While previous rumors because that procedure cannot be completed, causing Apple Pay to China plans on hold. As the largest overseas Apple market, Apple Pay cannot be used in China, made in the United States and United Kingdom markets outside, iPhone6s iPhone6, value for money has faded.

  And according to Geoffrey Moore of theory, for "Hou starts with who" of user group for, is identity and unique sex is they concern of focus, but actually Similarly, due to iPhone6s and iPhone6 of appearance and configuration, many aspects of differences of not obviously, coupled with iPhone6 price of inevitability, a drop a rose, must reverse push high has iPhone6 of price, because iPhone6 in and new iPhone of compared in the, undoubtedly in now still can meet people for "Force" needs also highlight new people's sense of identity and uniqueness.

  In addition we can also supply fundamentals, according to Japan media ITpro newly disclosed news that iPhone 6s series purchase will change compared to the past, said similar Apple Watch sales model will be introduced, listing early shop is out of stock, and need an appointment to buy. Reservation purchase can lead to a variety of uncertainties or factors that delay the arrival. The other hand, because of rising labor costs, contract iPhone manufacturer Foxconn heshuo recruitment technology is not bad, this may delay the iPhone 6s production plans, initial supply difficulties or unavoidable, in accordance with established practice, new release for some time, consumers buy new iPhone difficulties tend to be relatively large, it could also reverse push iPhone6 sales.

  For Apple, it has always been good at by modifying the previous generation and product pricing and product "composition", and average selling prices remained at a constant level, makes no matter in which market stage, the companies can keep their profit margins. But the core problem is that price is not high, it is forced to express enough, iPhone6s of the difference is not obvious in itself will let users buy new machines to produce the pendulum of emotions, initial supply problems will be more inclined to previous generations as a result, once put on the price control are not in place, often leads to iPhone6s sales by iPhone6 light cover.

  So, Apple faces a new problem is that previous generations of iPhone sales may be more cost-effective and contrarian growth which in turn iPhone6s sales instead of dreary embarrassment. Say innovation is critical to Apple and even part of Apple genes also originated from the Apple must rely on innovation to open new gap with previous generations, by a killer new feature or new design to attract consumers focus on new products. In the technology industry, due to the development of law, companies may experience innovator's dilemma, but for Apple, innovation's dilemma and bottlenecks continue time is too long.