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Safety and prevention first people General Motors invited hackers to attack

  In recent years, the automotive sector and higher technology, driverless technology has become an important part of many automobile manufacturers compete. Meanwhile, the high-tech car safety has become an inevitable to avoid problems. After media reported the hacking automotive systems to obtain control of unmanned vehicles.

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  As long as the operating system, there are likely to be hacked. Last September, hacking exposed, and GM's OnStar vehicle system one of the vulnerabilities fixed for 5 years at a time. "Just less than a minute later, your brakes will be manipulated. "Professor Stefan Savage from the University of California, San Diego felt that Onstar is so fragile. GUCCI case for iphone GUCCI case for iphone

Safety and prevention first; people! General Motors invited hackers to attack their systems

  A few days ago, General Motors has revealed a new plan, the purpose of which is to get the vehicle before malicious hackers found some security loopholes in the system. According to ArsTechnica foreign media reports, GM will and vulnerability bounty platform HackerOne work together to carry out this plan, and relies on the white-hat hackers to discover the in-vehicle system for potential security issues.

  Network Security Officer Jeff Massimilla GM in an interview, said his company attaches great importance to the high value of the security personnel. Most importantly, the plan starts to ensure that security researchers feel free to hack the GM system, no need to worry about being sued.

  From GM's we can find on the official website, anyone can in good faith to try and crack the systems on their vehicles, as long as they do not violate the law or cause damages to the company, customer, you won't have to face legal proceedings. Once you have found a security vulnerability, the hacker must be successfully patched the vulnerability in GM would be revealed to the public only after their break.

  For all General Motors and other car manufacturers, upgraded vehicle safety is one of the most important things. As more and more cars can be connected to the Internet, they are increasing the risk of malicious hacker attacks. Find hackers exploit these vulnerabilities before they are essential, because it can lead to very serious consequences.

  Last year, hacked into a jeep and turned it into a ditch, which makes Fiat, Chrysler has had to recall 1.4 million cars, the case became a major topic at the Black Hat Conference last year. In addition, Tesla also announced their own vulnerability to find rewards program.

  According to ArsTechnica said, at present, the GM is a simple relationship between the companies and hackers, bug award projects are not fully mature. However, Jeff Massimilla believes that this situation could change in the future.

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