Sunday, June 5, 2016

Be targeted by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Uber events


Be targeted by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Uber events


  All along, the United States presidential election priority is employment. United States time, Monday afternoon, as the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton said she would: "punish the discriminatory treatment of employees, even boss of deduction from wages. "Although she did not directly raise the Uber's name, but the company was before scandals, signed independent contracts with the driver, rather than unification under the staff, which in fact is the Act of discrimination against employees.

  Many Americans through the small rental house, design Web site, sell their production at home or drive their own cars to get extra income, Clinton first affirmed that the on-demand economy, "this economy has created exciting new opportunities, and bring innovation. "But, she said, this model also brings on labor issues, such as how to protect employees ' interests, what does a good work of the future should look like. Clinton said the fair wage and scheduling work, paid leave and other benefits to United States competitiveness and economic growth is essential.

  Uber, Lyft, represented by on-demand economy, in the United States and the world have caused a great deal of controversy. Among them, the traditional taxi industry that mobile travel company's drivers did not have government-issued operating licences, contracts with its drivers as contractors rather than employees of the company to be viewed, in other words, these companies do not need these drivers ' social security, medical insurance, paid vacation, vehicle maintenance, and is responsible for all other costs. In addition, any pricing, disrupted markets, harming the interests of the taxi industry. The world has witnessed many protests against Uber company, protests turned into riots in Paris, France.


Be targeted by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Uber events


  In March this year, Uber drivers filed a class-action lawsuit in San Francisco. This Uber argue that they only provided a platform, and these drivers can deploy on their own time, and the scope of work.

  As the world's leading providers of software by taxi, Uber expansion began in 2009, currently in 250 cities in 59 countries can find Uber service. Uber now worth $ 41.2 billion, is the volume of the industry's largest company.

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