Friday, June 10, 2016

Dust to dust dust to dust O2O ultimately reliable company to win

O2O subsidizes who? Dust to dust, dust to dust, ultimately it is the likely company to win

  If you're close to wangjing in Beijing Zhongguancun SOHO or, out for lunch without money. With mobile scan codes, there are food and drink, might be able to make dozens of blocks.

  There is a company called an acre of land, within a month of two maxed my micro-circle of friends. First, the southern weekend reported the venture star, agricultural representative B2B, 4-year, 3000, 300 million transactions. And then there's these days, an acre of failed Tin c round of financing, to cut 2000 jobs, a large number of scalps, false trading.

  Is public opinion Center of an acre of land, is the epitome of O2O field – track heavy, homogenization of serious competition; players on the track burn money market, education of users.

  O2O project was so expensive all these years, hundreds of millions of dollars in financing not to scare people. But the money did play a role in this? the company is to c to VC? what kind of subsidies is useful?

  "Ignorance" of scalping

  Subsidies do not like O2O companies imagine that entering the user, or even if they know, scalping is also allowed, because trading volume and more importantly, answers only to the capital.

  Recent sales drop for a taxi voucher Taobao Taobao shops is not happy. Among them, a diamond seller told 36 krypton, since a journalist exposes their business, to brush the coupons software was seized, business dried up. Take history as a mirror what makes Silicon Valley

  Before they use brush coupon software, large Gray card in the hands of cards, bulk brush takes drops of special trains, express coupons, sell at a low price and then sold to buyers. Taobao, the software costs about 10 Yuan. In 10 express coupons, for example, each time you sweep coupons need to card paid 0.1 Yuan, need software to pay 0.45 Yuan, sellers at around 1.25-3 price sale to the user.

  On Taobao, except for drops, also can buy the easy way by taxi coupons, group coupons, hungry, etc. In summary, basic user well known, large subsidies, brush coupons coupons of low difficulty. Of course, mostly new users to enjoy the coupon.

  Buyers in addition to "users", there are many sellers themselves. After media has been calculated, a seller to spend 1500 Yuan can buy 100 0月 rent card, registration is hungry, beautiful round takeout, Baidu take-away food take-away platform account, purchase their services, it is possible to earn 100,000. After the Spring Festival this year, a drop of drivers say, they would group each scalping, not home to earn subsidies. Uber driver acts of scalping has been a lot of media exposure.

  Also moved up when shooting itself in the foot. Subsidy is too large, competitors will come to join in the fun, malicious buying. In May last year, Twitter broke, the group plan for public comment 5.17 buy promotions "scalping". Although the truth is unknown, just as malicious clicks promotion links to rival Baidu, probably similar cases exist.


O2O subsidizes who? Dust to dust, dust to dust, ultimately it is the likely company to win


  Done deliberately for the

  Passive scalps need technical monitoring, many startups will turn a blind eye. After all, the data does bring on growth.

  Competitive on the track, and startups, to finance, will blame you for scalping. For example, insiders had 36 krypton are revealed, fresh food distribution areas of competition, "a meter of fresh never raise series b, there is a local gave some money to do A+, want to put valuations up, so now to make crazy scalping b round of financing."

  The exposure of an acre of land, which also involves the scalping. An acre of field sales representative online using rebate on the brush line the transaction flow, is done by "friends in the message posted on the APP for a product, then find friends to buy, money, completed turnover. Finally turn around in return to their hands, each have turnover per 2 bonuses ".

  Such projects involving small and service easier to scalp. Entrepreneurs summary and lighter services, information matching, scalping low cost technologies also are difficult to identify. Many logistics entrepreneur, had 36 krypton broke the opponent scalping situation.

  This "did not gain valuable user" behavior, investors also feel "abnormal" and "unreasonable".

  O2O who want subsidies?

  O2O field, this active scalping is not uncommon. For VC, they allow corporate subsidies, in order to attract users, or against opponents. But this may be no turning back.

  Pursuit of the rapid expansion of the Internet brings economies of scale. O2O field competitive, overcrowded track, players are not far apart on every track, and who also have no absolute advantage. Leader hopes to expand advantage under the subsidy, later orders quickly chased into hope subsidies; money the company hopes "scalping" laid the first position in the industry, no company wants to "scalping" increase sales get new financing.

  Burned investors money, but couldn't hit a determining advantage will increase risk. Investors will transform policy, otherwise there would be no drop in hand, 58 market merge this dramatic scene. But once the bet, they would stand together with enterprises to track, had to fight. An investor to 36 krypton are revealed, scalping has become the rule, they will now see who burn to burn more efficiently, can efficiently burn entrepreneurs are often more adept at operating.

  More investors are calling for reasonable subsidies. For example, Shun capital one VP believes that, in order to let users understand the benefits of new model, and train users to use habits, pursues a strategy of subsidies as a way to promote their business. This strategy must be able to effectively drive the real orders and real growth, while business models are at a certain stage you can exit the subsidy policy, subsidies can no longer go on.