Monday, June 13, 2016

Dust in the corner the destroyer designed for Virgo born sweeping robot

  Dust in the corner is the most abominable thing, easily up to say, chubby sweeping robot totally clear to. Of course everything has to find a way, Japan's Panasonic Corporation on March 20 launched a triangular sweep the robot MC-RS1 Rulo, OCD Virgo has no more adept to pull the corners. A share listed companies are becoming the O2O



  Rulo its mobility is also very strong, from the cramped Shuttle are not restricted, whether it is soft or slippery tile floor can be cleaned. It uses the random mode, but because it has infrared detection, ultrasonic navigation and features such as built-in gyroscope, so no need to worry about it going to collide and furniture.



  Panasonic is the most interesting place to Rulo is equipped with a remote control, you like remote control cars can be manipulated to make it work to complete the sweep, is also quite interesting-Dah! now in Japan for sale on Amazon, and want to start it, you take it!