Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Job cuts could save HTC Most leave of all is her own

  Mobile phone manufacturer HTC is no match for economic winter, announced on August 31 that Taoyuan Kameyama plant, the new factory of the new North end of October to cut 600 jobs, Chairman Cher Wang even when the organizational structure, streamline its operating costs, show determination to burn to save the HTC, but still seems to see dawn in the short term, more sarcasm, "HTC, probably the most left is her own". Regulatory comments will break the car legal


Job cuts could save HTC? Most leave of all is her own


  Latest edition of the wealth of the bi-weekly reports, in recent years, many mainland mobile phone brand with high performance and low price rise rapidly repeated association with HTC for the glory of living in the past, the transition speed is too slow, miscalculated the mobile trend, after the massive losses and layoffs fall into the predicament. A foreign Analyst believes that Lenovo is just a bad stomach (acquisition of Motorola), and HTC is not critical IP, "the value of even being eaten at all. 」

  Weekly pointed out that, HTC electric crisis far than Lenovo more big, Chairman she in replaced Peter Chou zhihou, himself jumped down took over as implementation long, but 2nd quarter surrendered of transcripts than first quarter more miserable, losses near a capital amount, results shares again broken end of, and August early she for focused save HTC electric performance, official resigned from Granville Sheng Chairman a vocational, show Rubicon of determination, but is was outside taunt "HTC electric in most the left of I'm afraid is she himself".

  Actually, HTC electric of problem from no art of "products strategy" also can see clues, this year frequently launched new machine, more last year speed obviously speed up, let market speculation whether heavy Kai "machine sea tactical", as annual flagship phone HTC One M9 sales poor, but also is breath launched appearance and function are stray not far of M9+, and E9, and E9+, and One ME Dual SIM, models, not only failed to effective pulled lift sales, instead weakened has home products of competitiveness.