Thursday, June 16, 2016

Entrepreneurial environment fusion APP becomes famous pure TNT to invest into

  With the deepening impact of the Internet on our lives, the current market environment, the pace of change has gone far beyond the imagination of everyone. Once capital bosses can't figure out cannibalism going it alone was not bad money investments face to the difficulty in fund raising, capital markets winter seemed to arrive.

  Close to the fusion velocity changes in the market environment, innovation and subversion of our market knowledge, "strategic failures, trends can be seen" as a new State. However, this trend is no longer visible trends in 3-5, tend to be for half a year, a month, or even within a few weeks of the observed trends. O2O era private consultant service mode value

  At this point, the work entrepreneurs, update their knowledge to accurately grasp the market thinking is very important. Word collection at recent trends in the business environment changes dynamically (effective is guaranteed within a few months), so that entrepreneurs avoid detours.

  APP age of product becomes famous faster over

  The rise of mobile Internet, many business opportunities have sprung up in the moment. The universal expression of entrepreneurial opportunities for using mobile Internet tools, rapid improvement in some closely related to public life, has just required and the high-frequency characteristics of fields. Due to some APP in user experience and needs to meet with certain characteristics, soon to rise in a blank blue ocean market, APP product becomes famous stories constantly.

  But with the general public users and playing just to wind and other high frequency are mainstream APP on the mobile Web platform products to meet, entrepreneurial opportunities gradually shifted to "Internet + traditional industries". When entrepreneur using the Internet for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, one APP alone could not meet the requirements, needs more support. At this point, the APP has become the traditional industry stocks business during the upgrade of a Delta and a dotting tool, rather than the entire business model is all about.

  APP to a pioneering changes in the role and value of the project quietly, an APP product occupies an entrepreneurial project central subject or situation no longer exists. APP products burst red time has past, wave of entrepreneurial engineers before returning to operation led product lead on the line is the regression line to operate led.

  Pure TMT investment is becoming a thing of the past

  Early in the Internet business opportunities appear, traffic on some technology products through the use of online platforms and offline promotion by means of brush and their properties with high frequency are required, the surge in users in a short time, become explosive.

  This product is based on Internet technology, the Internet, social networking and Internet information (TMT), can break away from the traditional independent characteristics of the development of the industry. This is known as TMT field of entrepreneurial opportunities.

  But with the TMT venture market saturation in the field, the Internet increasingly becomes a infrastructure, only be grafted to a traditional business model, support upgrade is worth it. TMT venture in the field of pure chance is decreasing, and TMT investment is becoming a thing of the past.

  This means that those who developed a TMT products and venture capital money to promote and attract users, through the platform, which flow, pools of cash value by way of return business models are no longer concerned, entrepreneur entrepreneurship strategies need to make instant adjustments.

  2VC startup is giving way 2IC startup

  2VC project main item of business value requires a seed investment, angel investment, VC investment, PE investments through IPO or merger to realisation. Throughout the business start-up process of systemic and "drumming flower characteristics of" capital chain you want in each body to participate, through the completion of the entire chain liquidation.

  Diversified financing channels development such as the new ban, entrepreneurial projects now can be achieved without going through complex financing chain IPO or merger, early through performance support direct will be listed on the new Board, shorter chains project to value a lot. It also needs to use VC to support all the way to realize the value of enterprise is getting less.

  Meanwhile, in the bust, private capital raising costs of capital cases, project financing more difficult. Capital project requirements from users and scale shift to focus more on short term revenue guidance.

  "Internet + traditional sectors" venture projects continue to emerge, business objects of the project will be financed by venture capital (VC) to directly associated with your business, have more supporting its business capital (IC), 2VC projects turned to 2IC project direction.

  Meanwhile, many O2O program development, centering on expansion into growth as the goal, from the VC as the main financing object becomes IC as the main object of finance, with community resources and channel resources for real estate developers, property management companies, became the main object of their cooperation.

  Venture returns to meet the capital requirements of the project, is the effective way of eliminating business bubble. Independent sales or possession of traditional industries as business support project, is in the TMT, the Internet became the late investment into infrastructure and venture capital coming under the influence of many factors such as cold winter's inevitable choice.

  Thinking ability to diligence innovations has become considered important indicators of entrepreneurial team combat capability. Updated knowledge of the market and adapt to market changes and the dynamic adjustment of its own development strategy and direction, is an entrepreneur in the present environment for fast development and changes in the right direction and path of inevitable choice.