Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Love rare direct purchase" Rainbow pencil delivery

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Rainbow Rainbow pencils Pencils, pens made with 6 layers of various colors of recycled paper, functionally, and not ordinary pencil has different, but when we use a pencil sharpener sharpening it when can feel most relaxed and happy--like a white cloud, and a drilled and a rainbow ~

Love strange love rare Pat shop Taobao shop, for sale.

"Product info" property: original authentic name:/Rainbow Rainbow pencils Pencils brand: United Kingdom Duncan Shotton origin: Korea hardness: HB: packing size 17.9*4.7*1.4 cm, pencil-length 17.9 cm materials: recycled paper packaging +HB pencil: exquisite carton contains: 5 architects: Duncan Shotton,1985 years in the United Kingdom were born, and now Japan. But also some sweet story behind.

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