Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Come The Girls: Meet Victoria's Secret's newest Angels

Here Come The women: Meet Victoria's Secret's newest Angels

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Need to know: The 2014 Sports Highlighted Swimsuit Issue's 'Rookie of the Year'

The brand have announced ten all new international beauties who will wear their coveted Angel wings going forward.

Need: Former gymnast and is a keen competitive sports enthusiast

Need to know: Former professional the game of basketball player for her native country

Need: From Hells Angel to AS CONTRASTED WITH Angel - the 5'11" stunner has a motorcycle, named Kate

Need: Cited as one of the most promising types of the year, Taylor was discovered in your tender age of 14.... in a hvalp in her native Colorado with photographer

Need to know: Before moving of America, Kate was a top ten finalist in Miss Russia 2012 the runner up in that year's Russia's Next Top Model

Need to know: Stella lager was born to Irish parents found in Belgium and was raised there through she was 13 before hanging out in the UK, New Zealand and Questionnaire. But we're going to call this one your own!

Need to know: Jac controversially landed a meaningful campaign for Hermes when the wife was just 13 years old, another year she walked in a tell at Australian Fashion Week and simply prompted an outcry as visitors thought she was too beginning to be 'sexualised' by fashion designs

Need to know: Romee has walked into the brand since 2011 and has as well landed lucrative campaigns with This sort of, H&M and Marchesa

Need to know: These North Carolina native has racked boost an impressive 180 catwalk appearances, and simply considers Karlie Kloss and The performer taylor swift among her best friends

10 all new Victoria's Secret Angels have been shown

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