Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kittyo--cats and work less!

Pets or work? Many cats and dogs and young people may be faced with the difficult choice of making ends meet. Lee Miller team development for cats, Kittyo, may be a boon. Otterbox iPad mini

Kittyo voice and get the cat's attention through a laser beam, the cat and the cat slave remote interaction. Lee Miller is also a cat lover, in order to reduce the pain of separation and love cats specially LON Design Studio to its drawing hundreds of sketches to design Kittyo.

Kittyo consists of two parts, the hardware at home, play video surveillance voice light, software installed on the phone, provide remote operation capabilities, support for IOS and Android.

Users of mobile phone operations, you can remote control Kittyo and adjust the direction of the laser beam, Kittyo a built-in microphone can make strange sounds, and of course also allows users to talk to cats, though slightly nervous ... ... In addition to this, all of which can be a built-in camera view of storage should be a cinch, a bombardment of circle of friends the good stuff coming. Otterbox defender iPad mini

OtterBox Defender iPad Mini Series Case Pink

Kittyo retails for $ 189, preliminary ship date in November 2014.