Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cloud woxing logistics platforms touch deals starting from the operation

  Most wanted to get involved in international logistics Internet companies would choose to "match" the road, Lady dog network has completed a round of financing and shipping it and finish the angel round of network maintenance, shipping, without exception. But woxing does not focus on transactions between shippers and freight links, but is based on cloud computing technology launched woxing international collaborative cloud platform for logistics management, improved freight forwarding company operating system, as well as around the small partner of "connections" roll.

  What is woxing logistics cloud platform? Network environment with Chinese characteristics

  In 2011, from Peking University to study in the United States, in the United States specializing in the field of computer technology, who worked at the United States online travel company Expedia Philippe guelluy to return to China to build a cloud-based SaaS platform.

  In 2013, Philippe guelluy arrived in a large container shipping company with roots in more than 10 years of Zhang zhengmao, woxing logistics official preparations for the formation of the cloud platform. On the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud, woxing developed their core product Cargoware, freight forwarding business process management platform. Understand goods generation company of people, most will on such of scene deep has experience, operator through repeatedly of fax, and phone to confirmed set class, and single card, and transport, customs, international logistics in the of all link, table head of various application and confirmed material more is stacked as mountain, not only efficiency low, and easy errors, this is except information not symmetric by brings of freight not transparent outside, traditional international logistics of maximum pain points. Woxing to do, is to optimize processes, cloud storage, "paperless" freight forwarding between the branch and the upstream and downstream companies to achieve "shared key", booking, single, to the account information is no longer needed each other repeatedly.

  "Reform not revolution" is the basic idea of Cargoware. Woxing joint founder Zhang zhengmao think, has several Centennial history of international trade and logistics industry formed today of pattern back, has whole system of complexity, change industry never just is with "to middle of" such simple gross of method, and logistics transport middle of agent in future number years in the, still exists indispensable of value, woxing to do of, is through information technology improve goods generation industry of Internet of, let whole industry chain between interconnected Exchange, reduced repeat labor, improve industry of efficiency, Reduce labor costs, promote industry standardization.

  Based on this operating system, woxing freight CargoInsights BI mobile application was developed, currently provided free of charge to woxing cloud platform for customer use, through this system, can be tracked through the system of management of the company the company's business, such as volume fluctuations, accounts receivable, customer contribution degree analysis.

  What to do in the future?

  Currently on the market focuses on freight forwarding management system SaaS operations not only woxing, woxing also is not the first company to do this thing. Woxing in product detail and a complete degree seem to be more confident, Zhang zhengmao said the pain points of the entire system in the industry, such as tracking of freight, overseas agents order together have put a lot of thought into.

  Woxing currently only more than 100 customers, and industry frequently boasts thousands of or tens of thousands of users compared to the platform, seems deserted, but this alone more than more than 100 users, woxing has achieved a balance. And that's more than more than 100, including Ubi logistics listed companies and a token stream. Zhang zhengmao said woxing does not pursue the rapid growth of the number of users at this stage, but will aim to benchmark customer, these customers will be formed in the same "herd", also will boost woxing logistics supplier to use on cloud platforms.

  Future woxing hopes with high viscosity characteristics Cargoware, create forwarders "LinkedIn" for the platform to provide credit guarantees and make them relevant to the business, such as fleet, customs brokers, warehouses, shipping companies, overseas agent information, such as docking.