Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cleaning tools the trio dear family

Cleaning tools the trio, dear family ~ 20151229-dustbin-1

Do you sweep it? Don't tell me you haven't touched after graduation from school broom!! Don't have to close your eyes to figure it out, when you finish cleaning up, broom and dustpan to throw until the dust cannot be tolerated, and rolls on the ground drops to find them nowhere ~ ~ ~ Cath Kidston iPhone 6 cases Cath Kidston iPhone 6 Case

Cath Kidston iPhone 6 cases

BOOM~! This trio 3 in 1 Bin cleaning tool, broom, dustpan and trash the perfect fit. In addition to the three people still carry out their duties in addition to broom hooks, suspended in the bucket. Dustpan on either side of the small organ to make it exist as a trash can lid. And save storage space, and would not lead to loss of, perfect ~! Only damage the harmonious atmosphere, namely brooms, short legs, but you don't sweep! WHO CARES!


Designer: Yoon So Young