Saturday, December 12, 2015

Produced a total of 375 mph Karen announced that it would shut down P1 line

  McLaren announced that its Super run P1 production lines will be completed after No. 375 production car-made shutting down. McLaren P1 manufacture from summer 2013, currently all of the 375 cars have found a buyer, each car is custom-made according to customer demand, the average length of each vehicle Assembly for 17 days. Covering 10 558 Mercedes Benz recalled some c

Maikailunmaikailun P1-2014 3.8T standard Maikailunmaikailun P1-2014 3.8T standard


Maikailunmaikailun P1-2014 3.8T standard

"The production version 2014 McLaren P1 3.8T-"

Maikailunmaikailun P1-2014 3.8T standard

  In addition to the 375 units outside the production car, and McLaren also made the 13 experimental prototype, 5 validation prototype car and 3 engineering prototype. It is reported that the spraying each car requires use of 5-8 primers and 8-9 litres of paint, some more complex models, body paint handling cost only 5 days.

Maikailunmaikailun P1 2015 GTR

"McLaren P1 GTR racing"

  In all 375 sports car, 34% production car sold in the American market, 26% sold in Europe, 13% of the buyers from the Middle East and Africa, the rest of the 27% owners are from Asia. Currently on the production line is a section of the track's version of P1 in the GTR is being assembled, is expected in the next few weeks, racing line will be shut down.