Saturday, December 26, 2015

Holographic technology read takee will change that for future

  In recent days, one from the United States's most famous business magazine fast company (FastCompany) released its first creative people who list in China-Chinese business 100 most creative characters. In fast company's list of the 100 most creative people in the industry, leader in phone list, while outside besides Lei, Luo Yonghao, Yu, also a mobile phone upstart is well worth watching, and that is bring great innovation to the current market value of millions of SIDA, Chairman and CEO Liu Meihong. With subversive holographic phone list, his reason was: "limiting the eye jumps off the screen, holographic display technology applied to mobile phones for the first time."

  Takee mentioned mobile phones, believes concerns cutting edge technology and cell phone friends already in the development of the world knows very well the hologram. Today, the small addendum for brief reading of this epoch-making technology product core selling point--what will bring change to people's lives in the future.

  Civil field entertainment leave the beaten path

  Holographic display technology by tracking the eye of the camera position, based on holographic data model to calculate the actual holograms, and then through a special point to the display screen will be about accurate stereo image projected onto the retina of the eye, so that people can produce and environment feels exactly the same visual effect.

  Holographic technology help, had seemed to be slightly weak smartphone market into a shot, disruptive user experience once again change the user interacts with the cell phone. Vinli the little things that can make your car

  For 2D games, users can tilt the phone to see ahead what is waiting for you, instead of just viewing a fixed perspective. Dynamic in-game potential is enormous, especially after the developer has an open SDK, Amazon not only has the plan, communicate with Liu Meihong, he also said that in the phone app, can best embody the holographic effect is a game application. Meanwhile, takee wants to do more than just 3D displays, but at the same time can interact with, such as hanging in the top of the screen to play finger "cut fruits" game.

  In addition, takee 2 camera behind the phone, users can easily take pictures, or holographic video calls with friends, almost as if just around the corner.

  Commercial subversion of the traditional leading electricity supplier in the field once again change

  Counting the words in recent years, "the Internet thought" is definitely front page option. As somebody once said, the Internet thinking is "by means of information exchange transformation changes the cost structure of the industry", this sentence is true. Just because grasp this opportunity, MA has become China's most famous "businessman", controlled Alibaba settlers rise of an empire.

  Traditional e-commerce is one of the short Board cannot allow customers to directly see the products and experience to assess the products and speculation. Realization of holographic technology is on the e-commerce industry conducive to change again. Internet changes the cost structure of the industry in the past, now holographic technology change is in the structure of the industry the way people communicate. Field of e-commerce, how a page renders more realistic on the product, has been a lot of effort, and holographic displays can make the experience a step further. On the shopping page, users simply flip fingers can easily be seen details of the each angle, maximum to avoid the disadvantages of e-business. As a result, opened the final trade barriers.

  Specializing in the areas of medical, military, education coverage

  Takee holographic phone unique holographic display, air control technology, and will also provide medical, military, education and other fields to create new opportunities and changes. For example, holographic display technology, Visual preview of the doctors before the surgery, estimated risks and improve the success rate. In the military sphere, projected directly on the conductor through a holographic screen stereo-topographic maps, structured routes clear, one would know how to conduct strategic deployment.

  In the field of education, holographic technology have made important contributions. Through the holographic display, knowledge came from vivid, entertaining, comprehensive education on the effects of reform.

  For the average user, takee is a new brand, but behind it millions of SI is a focus on display manufacturers for many years, enter the mobile phone industry is the result of the thick product sends thinly. By holographic displays, holography, air touch a lot of cutting-edge technology into civilian use, will bring a new change to the phone rings, and even has the potential to break the duopoly of Samsung, Apple's competition.