Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lei we definitely are not allowed in the game

Lei: we definitely are not allowed in the game

  "Now you hand is not enough fun. "

  Millet mutual entertainment investment company in mid-August at a closed-door meeting, Lei founder millet internal shared his rivals swim "dissatisfaction". Perhaps because of this, he put his millet mutual entertainment focused on constructing game ecological chain to help eco-build on the explosive.

  Millet cross-entertainment business has been established for 1 year and 8 months. According to millet's official figures, 2015 millet arcade games downloads up to 667 million times in the first half, giving developers into total 580 million Yuan.

  Not met Lei in spending more money on hand. From this year August 1 up, millet began implementation latest of channel into policy: from August 1, 2015 up, millet industry chain Shang of TV game and Pad game will from millet and developers "5:5 split" adjustment for "3:7 split"; and opponents tour, will from developers, and millet, and operators "3:4:3 split" into developers took 50%, millet and operators carved up addition half, if operators proportion not variable, equivalent to millet into from 40% cut to 20%.

  Markets may have just begun

  Why Lei think now of the tour is not enough fun?

  Lei believes that because of cell phone games is the essence of "gaming + community". Mobile Games fun interaction between players, which is very important is a part of the Community Exchange. But now, very few mobile games to achieve this, cause the PC to mobile games fun than reduced a lot.

  In his view, mobile online game unable to form community is closely related with game design. For example, "today, most mobile phones games, because the landscape factors, users have no way to enter text. As long as a the input text would be a great disadvantage – Keyboard dialog box appears on half the screen, plus a phone calls, texting, app push, the user can't enter. "

  Communication barriers, makes it hard for mobile online gaming communities. Lei put forward an idea: "whenever possible, cell phones play online games are designed for vertical. "

  "If mobile online games to solve community problems, lets users play end swim, play 10 years in the mobile phone games are possible. "

  In other words, Lei think the game should exceed expectations of fun for users. Reflected in the products, in addition to fine arts, programs and interactive aspects of contemporary production process of high standards, should also have their own unique innovations.

  In addition to "ridicule" tour started outside, at a closed-door meeting, Lei's views on the tour market.

  Lei had a hypothesis, mobile gaming boom may be an embryonic stage in previous years, there is no alternative, after all, the phone's new gaming platforms, users will also need a good game to meet. Meanwhile, the hand user base still has room to explore further. Every entrepreneur will make ten start up mistakes

  "Real energy to play mobile games user base may only have 20 million people, only a 2% of mobile phone users. It means hand did not enter the main battlefield, also in the Valley. "

  Along with online gaming fun enough problems to be resolved, hand travel market will have greater opportunity for development. "Although others hand this month flow 100 million tomorrow month flow 3, 400 million, may very easily in the future is 3, 400 million and 1 billion a month. "

  Lei believes that playing games and watching movies, watching TV, a fire TV series or movies, there are at least 3, 50 million people were watching, up to hundreds of millions of people. Today is 20 million users playing mobile phone games, the future may be 100 million users playing.

  Will certainly not play games

  Millet how to "play" a game?

  Millet mutual Entertainment General Manager Jessica Shang was quoted as saying, the first is as a channel for mobile games on the MIUI, support ecological millet, rice services;, millet has been preparing the work on game related issues; and, third, involving investments in Internet content.

  Jessica Shang also revealed that millet mutual entertainment over the past year has invested in 16 Internet content companies.

  A person close to millet told reporters, millet entertainment in partnership with game ecological chain to each other more like producers. Because in internal, Lei had issued has "himself absolute not allows do game" of iron law, purpose is hope millet mutual entertainment can restraint greed; while, also only such, millet mutual entertainment only has with ecological chain company cooperation of powerful of based, to millet game Center for based, through integration game industry chain in the all link of quality resources, for game developers do service work, help they in market Shang variable now products value.

  For example, last year, millet mutual entertainment agency offering game ecological chain company tianma temporal and spatial development of the popular miracle MU, the game hit a line flow 26 million on the first day. Subsequently, the millet cross entertainment continues on the publicity splash talk on the app store, rice with millet, millet, browser, new media and other key positions continue to promote this tour with long term operation.

  Millet in the game business grow fast. First half of 2014, millet arcade game download reached 257 million second half of 2014 up to 493 million; by the year 2015-half, millet arcade game download reached 667 million, an increase of 159%, rose 35%, while millet arcade developers into the total amount reached 580 million yuan in the first half, an increase of 187%, rose 47%.

  In addition, Shang Jin said the current lack of quality games mobile games market, operators charge is a serious problem, game developers into less, under pressure, millet will use leverage, to give part of the millet cross channels of entertainment expenses, to support and nurture these gaming platforms.

  Millet mutual Entertainment's latest profit-sharing policy, insiders say, into the behind of the adjusting, on the one hand is millet mutual entertainment put out real money, supporting small and medium developers, so that their capital levels to have creative abilities on the other, it also channels of Android competition will become more intense.