Sunday, December 20, 2015

Record how much power is consumed Smart bracelet and flower


Record how much power is consumed? Smart bracelet and flower

  Wearable smart devices we can do? well, in General, everyone is used to record your workout data or data of everyday activities, so that we have a basic understanding of their physical condition. Running is not far from Tesla s fatal weakness


Record how much power is consumed? Smart bracelet and flower

  But now of manufacturers has not meet Yu this has, Qian days, we just found has, a abroad of funeral home on announced will launched has a paragraph can measuring wearing who death time of intelligent hand ring, Yes, this intelligent hand ring will through a senior algorithm to inferred you what when to heaven reported, this function wants to wants to are drunk has, daily wearing with a hand ring, see himself of life constantly passes, such really of good did? this too let people laugh has, original we also can live how many days need a can wear equipment reminded. Is there a magic g Darth sword hanging over our heads every day.

  Good's, projections we of life of intelligent hand ring let we think is flower, but recently, a paragraph by Washington University research personnel design of Magnifisense can wear intelligent equipment, it monitoring of target is not we movement in the consumption of heat of calories, but through we in using different of electronic products process in the collection information, records we in using these electronic products Shi consumption has how many of power.

  ! The wearable device is temporarily not serving us!: so why do we need this bracelet to? I think no one will know how much power is consumed, it seems a bit ... ... (And how many will care about this issue). It is said that one of the potential use of the wearable device is to prevent unexpected incidents. In nursing homes, for example, the waiter can hand ring touches the stove is turned on, so as to avoid accidents or prevent device failure.

  So how did it work? it has a built-in sensor, the sensor can distinguish you use an electric toothbrush, turn on the lights, or use laptop's information. Different electronic radiation it can be identified, in the words of Edward Wang, lead researcher, a wearable device to listen to different electronic products issued by the "different voice" in order to distinguish them one by one.

  But the wearable device just a prototype. It makes it look very thick, the appearance of design is not beautiful, it is learned that researchers are trying to make it to lose weight, so you can become more fashionable and beautiful.

  Well, from the current situation, the wearable device, except use a little flower, but did not find it at the moment other bright spots, but the bracelet, how it all than can be measured intelligent bracelet wearer to time of death more pleasing to the eye. Don't know if another team also can develop more wonderful smart bracelet, human imagination is unlimited, and we look forward to seeing more different kind of wearable smart devices appeared on the market.