Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ali and weapon industry group 2 billion yuan to build a new joint venture company

  On August 18, the Chinese position has attracted the attention from all walks of life, "spirited away network limited" approved by the State administration for industry and Commerce after the name was founded in the Yangpu district of Shanghai City. This marks China's own compass satellite navigation system has made important strides, opened a new chapter. Chihiro network limited company with registered capital of 2 billion yuan, jointly funded by China North Industries Group Corporation and Alibaba group established the 50% stake.

  The company "Internet + location (the Big Dipper)" philosophy, through the integration and construction of a Web of Foundation of the Big Dipper, based on cloud computing technology and data to build cloud location service platform to meet national, industry, mass market demand for precision positioning service. Positioning the company as a business-oriented developers and service operation platform company, providing accurate location; is committed to creating value, building the company to provide accurate location based services, data accumulation, data fusion and mining industries group of value-added services, with global competitiveness.

  Company plans to satellite positioning for based, Fusion various positioning technology, for specific of application scene, different of application terminal, launched and actual scene phase combined of solution programme, to various terminal and application system provides high precision location service; and share on location related of mass data access, and storage, and fusion and open of capacity, for enterprise and developers of integrated development, and application promotion provides a station type of service support; let precision location service became connection, and activated and drive location (Beidou) Eco-development of the new Internet infrastructure. Wang Feng all on the way out the man to push in