Monday, April 11, 2016

Tiny letters will be pushing robot micro imitating the brain mechanism

  Introduction: intelligent robots for everyone at present is not strange, it's widely used in the entire life. Jingdong ash customer service robots, such as in Macau, there are all kinds of robots in the movies. Little letter also now launched the "small" robot, what were the highlights about it? Entrepreneurs say made with light model shares

  On July 24, app will launch a robot, the robot can replace human customer service to solve part of the problem.


Tiny letters will be pushing robot


  Intelligent robots

  The robot is called small, it can be based on natural semantics and user communication, and through chat, answers to queries, questions, assisted living services, advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, you can save 30%-50% labour costs.

  It is learned that the app first launched the droid in the micro-banks, you can debug user needs on the one hand, and introduced a way for small and micro pave, becoming a starting point for personal assistants, on the formation of financial services focus, and micro-payments series into practical business applications, laying a solid foundation for later extensions.

  Currently market Shang artificial intelligence robot also has many, but many of robot are general exists implementation force programmed of problem, only according to prior built-in good of program to implementation task, intelligent of level than lower, and micro-letter of this robot of advantage is, small micro-can for "depth learning", its behind relies on with Tencent of big data platform, can imitation brain of mechanism to analytical data, and constantly for intelligent of adjustment, to fast adapted more complex changeable of environment.

  In addition, small micro will have image processing functions, by scanning the user's face to the user's gender, age, and other information for evaluation, and chat with users.

  Micro intelligent robots to the letter when or will enters the wallet can help users to use most of the features in the micro-purse.

  Based on this huge social networking platform, the promotion of small and micro shouldn't be so hard, but will be ignored by the user Siri's features will have to wait on the line before you can know.