Sunday, April 17, 2016

New nano particles of lithium batteries 6 minutes to fully charge

  Recently, from the United States at MIT and Tsinghua University researchers developed a "yolk and eggshell" battery, it can be done in 6 minutes on a single charge. Battery electrodes by creating nano-particles, its cathode made of titanium dioxide "shell" and Al "egg yolk". When the "egg yolk" from the "shell" separating gap allowing it to expand and contract, so that the shell will not be affected. People use lithium-ion batteries, the electrode one charge will be expansion and contraction occurs when loss of lithium, which will shorten the battery life.

  Besides after become more durable, this new type of battery capacity is greatly increased, 3 times times the capacity of lithium-ion batteries for the mobile device. In other words, the new nano-particles of lithium battery can make a smart phone, laptop, tablet in a few days time. In addition, the phenomenon of shrinking and swelling due to battery charging process be slowed significantly, and the battery charging time is also greatly reduced, only 6 minutes.

  At present, this battery is still in the experimental stage, but researchers believe that this material is cheap and simple battery capable of mass production in the future. On computer vision start up this traditional company

  "These egg-shell particles in a laboratory scale tests show a very impressive performance," Singapore Nanyang Technological University chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor and study co-author David Lou said, "for me, this work attracted me most is that the new batteries making process simple and good scalability. "

  MIT Professor Ju Li said, although the method of making this battery was an accidental discovery, but in the end it is lithium-ion battery can be a serious contender.