Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tencent launched telematics platform the main online unlimited

Tencent launched telematics platform: the main online unlimited

Tencent launched telematics platform

On September 14, Tencent jiuxianqiao 798 in Beijing held a news conference officially launched the Tencent platform, once released three products: vehicle stock ROM, APP and micro-credit, car QQ connection "I/MyCar" service.

Aiming at the cars original car systems experience worse, consumers had to give up the car using mobile phones which Tencent research through more than 15,000 more than the owner demand, launched its own ROM. The ROM to fit out the current models, and provides navigation with live traffic, QQ music, app, Tencent QQ and other Internet-based applications.

In terms of navigation, Tencent ROM can be networked in real time and provides live traffic capability, and constantly updated maps through the Internet. Socially, the ROM is based on micro-, QQ to achieve a real-time sharing of geographically between friends, life scenes such as easy travel companion.

Entertainment functions, Tencent stock ROM using his QQ music, while providing unlimited cooperation with operators and other value-added services, enabling synchronous update with QQ music, lots of exclusive content meet the pursuit of music content. Relying on with QQ and micro-sharing feature to the letter, you can share music on a mobile phone to the car on the ROM. Provided even in live audio broadcast of the voice and the NBA.

Of course, Tencent's QQ cannot fall in the road in the process, QQ the can through the steering wheel to view and reply to the message. Be alert Posing as Taobao service refund new

On the mobile phone, "I/MyCar" offers a variety of services, can achieve real-time monitoring of cars on the phone, provide fuel and other viewing.

At the press conference, Tencent emphasized an open platform, aimed at the automotive industry machines the fragmentation of the system, providing a standard interface, by way of cooperation with hardware vendors to integrate products. The ROM, Tencent and huayang group and Lu Chang science and technology cooperation.

ROM is still in beta stage at present, preliminary fit some VW models, which APP you adapter Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and more.