Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Startups should still insist on participating in science and Technology Conference

  For nearly a year, business nowadays, it has become the most popular topic, Business Conference, Conference on Science and technology is organized like all over. Some entrepreneurs think, should contact with the users, understand their needs, rather than peers. But the Tech in Asia Luoisa Chiew, author of don't think so.

  He also listed more than 5 should be involved in science and Technology Conference, cause of known peers. Chips world who is behind the biggest boss

  1, get inspiration for innovation

  In the era of entrepreneurship, with high technology are respected, it is an innovation-based industries. A successful startup, should be based on market research and user testing for a long time, and in the right place at the right time to start. But it all starts with an idea, and then solve a practical problem. This idea is not hiding in the corner, or on the computer will be able to pop out.

  Still need to communicate with other people. Conference on Science and technology who is the crazy high-tech into the same space, we think, exchange their views and experiences, you will learn a few things.

  Maybe you can talk from this meeting produced a great idea, do some amazing things.

  2, join your industry group

  Similarly, not you alone to build a company of opportunities will come. Conference on Science and technology is can lock with you to brainstorm, meet your partner or the ideal place to get money. Its biggest advantage is that you have been looking forward to meet science and technology section shot might be there, and they are ready to listen to your ideas.

  Seize the opportunity to make friends and business cooperation, a short friendly conversation may also let you set up long-term contacts.

  3, display

  Even if you are on the network and not to recommend your business to the front, but does not affect the things you put up. At a Science Conference, too, regularly attended the Conference on Science and technology, showcase their ideas so that they become an expert in your field.

  Some conference price is not cheap, but you through their participation in these meetings can be obtained beyond the receipt of ticket value, if there is a chance to show your startup, would fight for him; if you can display your project in front of a group of professionals, and why not?

  May be in a meeting, show, you will get an unexpected opportunity.

  4, do not become boring

  Present at the meeting was a very hard job, but we're not going to lie, it's not really all work. This is to you sitting at a desk job, a little rest interface. In chatting with acquaintances you've ever seen, you discuss some of the easy and fun. After all work and no play time and makes you a boring person.

  5, thoughts and feedback

  The points mentioned above are important, but the most important is to attend a meeting and get feedback. Cutting-edge technology has never been a sit at home and study books and users who can predict.

  You need to be engaged in the industry has some ideas and insights, and experienced entrepreneurs in the industry will probably have some crazy ideas, and can give you some inspiration. Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or a third venture, technology is needed before future generations to Exchange places.