Monday, April 4, 2016

Why Apple is so concerned about AppleMusic of statistics

Why Apple is so concerned about AppleMusic of statistics?

  Recently, Apple released this year Apple Music streaming music service customer loyalty and turnover problems, Apple and the consumer research company MusicWatch spat. MusicWatch survey shows, called Apple Music for three months free trial services in registered users, 48% has been deprecated and 61% say they have shut down automatic update in iTunes to subscribe. Apple refutes MusicWatch survey data is not real, Apple Music the actual wastage rates of only 21% and 79% registered March free trial service for active users. Always above water Apple, this why the third party statistics? the reason behind what?

  As we all know, Apple Music is released by Apple at WWDC this year an important service in the nearly 3-month free trial period, the number of users reaches about 11 million, however, Pandora with rivals the Apple Music market, with 79.4 million users, Spotify has 75 million users, has 40 million users of Apple's own iTunes Radio, Deezer has 16 million subscribers, SiriusXM has 28.4 million customers compared to the figure only in the sixth place.

  From the early days of development, if and when you launch iTunes Radio compared to Apple Music tempo the number of users is not satisfactory, because iTunes Radio when the number of users reaches 11 million, with only a week's time. If compared with the iPhone's current user base, 11 million subscribers but also looked bleak, currently about 500 million users of the iPhone, Apple users only 2% of Music.

  Not know industry see these statistics and compared for what feel, we think first is even is free, Apple Music in flow media music market in the and opponents compared also exists with not small of gap; second is AppleMusic of initial development speed was Kan worries, after all has in flow media music market lost first sent advantage of Apple, if cannot in early appeared out fast growth momentum words, to wants to came from behind to of possibilities on little has; Last is from promote home equipment sales and application of angle see, apparently Apple home of user for Apple Music service does not cold, this had to let we for Apple recently iPod products line Update Hou of sales prospects was worried, after all from outside analysis see, Apple is update sales and revenue has sharply fell of iPod products line of main purpose one of is promotion himself of Apple Music service, if Apple Music future development dismal words, IPod product line updating of strategic importance will be greatly reduced. Even more important is that previously thought Apple Apple Music may come from behind in the industry's advantage is that many users are already using the company's hardware products and other services here are not fully reflected (for example the above Apple Music 2% of iPhone users free trial users only).

  If this phase is free only Apple dilemma encountered by Music, then from the perspective of charging, at present, over 41 million paid users of streaming music, nearly half of all Spotify users. In contrast, Apple acquired before Beats of Music in the United States only has 300,000 paying subscribers. Even more important is that Spotify play rate of 320kbps, the 256 Kbps is better than the Apple Music. Thus it can be seen, Apple Music not only in substantive charges the number of users with the opponent there is a large gap, in terms of quality, too, which has always been the pursuit of user experience on Apple's streaming music service at least there is little advantage to speak of.

  In addition, pushed from the Apple Music background, which is integrated in 2014 for $ 3 billion bid Beats Music and Beat Music Beats Electronics services. Known in the industry, Apple all the time without making large capital acquisitions, and $ 3 billion acquisition of Beats is for Apple are not small acquisitions, which may be one reason why is to launch Apple Music service today. So here's the thing, if Apple Music development failed to meet expectations in the future, the value of mergers and acquisitions will also shrink, more critical is that before the Apple sauce to the Beats of Music fans account? Apple Music is, after all, at the expense of integrating Beats Music.

  Above, we think, Apple is so care Apple Music user number statistics of behind, both account face, for example merger Beats and the launched corresponding hardware (iPod) of value of shrink and and opponents exists of gap, also has lined of consider, that is once charges, AppleMusic really of as Apple expected as to Apple brings really gold silver did? so-called everything beginning difficult, at least currently cannot towel not did? Said over and over again so many years of Internet