Saturday, April 9, 2016

Beauty magazine predicted that will change future space of 5 weapons of war

  Despite the international community's opposition to the weaponization of space, but mainly are still searching. One possibility is to use nuclear or non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapon space to orbit vehicles. Through the electromagnetic pulse weapons detonated at high altitude satellite launch combat against enemy power grids, satellites, "command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance" (C4ISR) system launched "decapitation" operation. Depending on the size of electromagnetic pulse weapons, its attack could cover the whole country, can strike a target area. In theory, this type of "killer apps" weapons on the premise they shot a gun to end the war, particularly as the United States relies heavily on information technology rivals. However, electromagnetic pulse weapons from low altitude launch platform or ground-based missile system, is vulnerable to interception or a pre-emptive strike.

  Another technique is to use-based high-energy laser (SBL) to intercept enemy ballistic missiles in boost phase (known as the "boost phase intercept" BPI). "Boost phase intercept" advantage is slowest in boost phase missile flight speed will destroy it, intercept the success rate is high at this time. Unlike theatre defence systems currently used for boost phase intercept, platform-based lasers can be used in high altitude operation, far more than the enemy's ability to shoot down or destroy before launch. Tiger nose micro groups micro business and media