Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Li Xiaolin scored twice after his arrival showed up for the first time research

    On July 23, Li Xiaolin in Datang international tuoketuo power plant company in Inner Mongolia.

  On July 23, the Datang Group Deputy General Manager Li Xiaolin, party members to Datang international tuoketuo power plant company in Inner Mongolia. This was on July 7 after he took office, Datang group official Li Xiaolin's initial public report.

  In the previous three meetings of the group, China Datang Corporation website in a press release made no mention of Li Xiaolin. The three meetings of the group are: July 10-11th meeting of the group in the year 2015 Conference; debriefing meeting held on July 20 in 2015 of safety production month; group headquarters building Symposium, held on July 21.

  In the above-mentioned three meetings of the group, Datang group of eight people, seven party members were present, only does not appear, that is, Li Xiaolin.

  The tuoketuo power generation company research, can be regarded as Li Xiaolin in Datang group debut. Tuoketuo power company is currently the largest coal-fired power plants in Asia, has 8 600,000-kilowatt and 2 300,000-kilowatt unit, total installed capacity of 5.4 million-kilowatt, is an important power of Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan power grid support.

  Datang press release, during the investigation, visited the tuoketuo power company showroom Li Xiaolin, inspected the Simulator room, pressure and working appliances testing laboratory, hands-on training, a unit run control room, production centres and five phase extension project of the construction site and heard and tuoketuo power plant, Inner Mongolia branch company reported, gave full affirmation on its production and management work. She stressed that the tuoketuo power plant companies shoulder the important responsibility of guarantee capital, electricity, company staff to practice the "three Suns", the "value thinking, efficiency-oriented", carry forward the spirit of Tang, increasing political consciousness, awareness and sense of responsibility to ensure safe and stable operation of the unit. Rich without holding the heart of shame for