Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fitbit Jawbone Nike accounted for 2013 fitness tracking retail products 97

Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike accounted for 2013 fitness tracking retail products 97%

    NPD Group in 2013, are tracked and recorded in detail the various digital equipment point of sale marketing data, and based on these data, reported their analysis: in 2013, Fitbits,Jawbone UPs, Nike FuelBands in physical stores, there are large e-commerce site selling out all intelligent motion tracker plays a total of 97%. From the beginning of January 2013 to early January 2014 the end of 52 weeks, Fitbit device 68% per cent of all sales of equipment and Jawbone UP sales accounted for 19% of the total sales volume, and sales of Nike FuelBand 10% per cent of total sales. Add up all the other activity tracking devices to account for sales of other 3%.

    With Fitbit company announced last week--just as we have reported in the--NPD research team found that the digital equipment market valuation is about $ 330 million in 2013. Executive Directors and industry analyst of the NPD Group, focusing on consumer technology market research Ben Arnold to tell Mobi Health News, the company is tracking "all physical activity tracker" sales, as mentioned above, together with the sale of pedometers, sports watches and heart rate monitors, as well as other accessories. Arnold has admitted, precisely defined categories and sub categories (for example, activity tracking and pedometer) may still be a work in progress, because this market relative to other technology product market, is still relatively new.

    Because the NPD is to track the retail and point of sale data point, and does not include direct sales by the manufacturers, this means directly from the Fitbit website to purchase a piece of equipment will not be counted in the analysis and calculation of NPD. Cell phone why Netcom is the enemy of operators

    "Noteworthy is that in the fitness tracking devices on the market, all three brands have more than 90% shares," Arnold said. "These three products have been around for some time. And, when you think about something to wear on your wrist, and then start counting your steps a day, you may want to consider one of these products. These products (new technology) will have a big impact on the market yet? I don't think there can be any doubt, certainly will, but they will be to inject fresh blood into this market? In a way I don't know whether this is a commodity, but what kind of fitness equipment does not track your daily walking pace, will not help you a durable track calorie consumption? Many of these products are doing similar things.

    Arnold said that taking into account the market of digital health Trackers is a very new thing, he wants to double the size of the market this year, which means that there is still room in the market for a new enterprise out of a brand new world.

    "If we are talking about things on TV or headset, I would say that in addition to the big three's market, others may be difficult to gain a foothold in this market," Arnold said. "If this market expanded 1 time, then Yes, for most of those small operators, they still may fight it out. Yes, you still need to continue to innovate and provide totally different ways, doing completely different things or make different design [from the current market leader] ... But other major considerations in diffusion. You can become the most small retailers that cater to the market yet? In such a market, you can grab benefits? "

    Some digital fitness equipment company continually looking for stores and shops of the best combination, in an effort to sell their products, before Arnold said. Devices are often not only belong to the sporting goods store, not only in large retail store that sells high-tech products can be bought.

    According to Arnold's, produced by digital equipment sales of 3.3 million dollars, including all categories of significance-such as pedometers, sports watches and heart rate monitor-but this 72%, digital health trackers formed the largest portion of these sales. This is about $ 238 million.

    According to NPD data, between the many retail stores, Best Buy is selling digital fitness Tracker products. Similarly, targets are also important, Arnold said, but Best Buy has been committed to a wider area of categories and more capable devices.