Saturday, October 10, 2015

Recent price Linksys EA3500 49 99

Linksys EA3500 is Cisco's entry level router. 800MHz Marvell 88F6W01 chip of RAM and ROM, dual-band, 64M, and 750M. Though not brushing the third party firmware, but you can install third-party software is also good. 4 Gigabit Lan ports and one USB interface, home use is enough. Marilyn Monroe iPhone 5 Case

Marilyn Monroe iPhone 5 Case

Linksys EA3500 Woot refurbished $ 49.99, about 300 yuan, and cost about 400 Yuan. United States Amazon new $ 94.99, national treasure from 550~1200, the price advantage. Marilyn Monroe iPhone 5 Case

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