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Tatu in the North the first UAV to the extreme professional

Perhaps because of strict limits flying controls, in the northern suburbs of Beijing Changping, gathered many unmanned aircraft company. Especially in recent years, with the success of Xinjiang, drones have been a growing number of new faces. Flocked into, how the market will change into early UAV company and will reaction, we are curious about. To this end, Lei Feng network arrived is also located in the Changping District of Beijing North Tatu aviation technology development co., Ltd. The was founded in 2008 by the drone business is now very well-known in the professional field, agriculture, mapping, aerial and police are involved in. Day of the visit, in a farmyard atmosphere in the suburb of Tatu Office station, came to discuss the order stream of individuals and companies, also provides a good visual feel the heat of the UAV market at present.

Tatu in the North suburb of Changping District Office station, customers are watching product demos

Whether professional or consumer, this market has just begun

"According to incomplete statistics, in 2013, the national agricultural number of drones there are only dozens of aircraft, but by 2014, has more than 2000. "Tatu Director Yang Yi told us that from this trend in the agricultural sector alone, number of drones over the next few years there will be very substantial growth in traffic. To this end, Yang Yi gives us a search facility a is expected, the country currently has more than 2000 counties and each county needs about 20 units, to each of the 100,000 or so prices, farm UAV market scale will reach 4 billion. This does not include the other drones in the area.

Therefore, in the face of consumer-level drone market suddenly shot up the moment, focused on the professional field of Tatu is extremely calm. After all, professional market also is just beginning, while it was still far from talking about saturated and competitive pressures.

Tatu and development available in spray rotor UAV

In the segment to achieve the ultimate

UAV market when the wave struck, Tatu is a rational strategy. "We want to first in the field of vertical segments perfectly, then try another on this basis. "Yang Yi told us, at present, Tatu in the agricultural field of UAV shipments throughout the country can be ranked into the top three, and have such a large market and development space, faced with this situation, Tatu will still be put on in their areas of expertise. However, for a business, in the face of huge demand for new markets, the temptation is hard. Tatu is no exception, they did not cut off the possibility of trying. According to Yang Yi said, Samsung found them in a production plant in China has been to discuss cooperation, if all goes well, Tatu will continue farming after, mapping, and aerial photography for police, entered the field of logistics, this can also be seen as signals of Tatu is not conservative.

In addition, Tatu focused professional UAV than personal consumption levels manufacturer, is seldom a lot amount. And once you start doing consumer drones, Tatu currently funds cannot support a sharp increase in the production, so it must need to seek investment from capital markets. Yang Yi said that at present, Tatu not yet exposed to the ideal investment partners.

Tatu Assembly shipped in 2014, Tatu's shipments of up to 1000

Drones, the domestic advantage over foreign

Xinjiang led to the success of market boom and concern have also raised an interesting question: why r above the domestic United States and Europe, Jiang was born in China, domestic drones far exceeds the number of foreign companies? In response, Yang Yi's answer is: the complete industry chain. In this sense, drones are now Smartphone. Especially rotor UAV, due to years of OEM experience, from the motor, speed controller, propeller, and other accessories, domestic producers, but not abroad, therefore, foreign manufacturers with the manufacturing cost is much higher than in China, which leads to products less competitive in China. Swarovski iPhone 5 Case

At present, Tatu drones have come from Korea, and Japan, and India's orders, as more and more usage, Yang Yi believe that drones in the country's global market share will have a very big upside. Swarovski iPhone 5 Case

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