Friday, October 2, 2015

Corning Project Phire comparable with sapphire glass

A few months ago, Dow Corning Corporation have released the latest version of its iconic Gorilla glass. Corning, once again claiming that their new products more than before, and in the face of smartphones daily experiences encountered in the process of falling or accidental, the new Gorilla glass is more resistant.

Since it's launch time is shorter, so far only a small part of manufacturer (Samsung) using the latest Gorilla Glass 4, but Corning are not content with the product, it is already looking ahead to the next generation of products. Today, according to the CNET report, the company announced Project Phire, this is a new product, hopefully with Gorilla Glass 4 resistance force characteristic of and close to the scratch-resistant Sapphire.

In the months before the introduction of the Apple iPhone 6 times, many expect Apple's latest flagship machine will no longer be provided by Corning Gorilla glass for many years, but will sapphire glass. And Apple has confirmed that its Apple Watch scratch resistance material on the surface to be covered. Sapphire glass, but any Apple will to want on the iPhone screen, because of Apple's partners GT Advanced suddenly filing for bankruptcy and lost. Now, Apple said they would put the production of sapphire glass factory is transformed into a data center. But Dow Corning was very clear, Apple the Sapphire still had a strong interest. INCIPIO iPhone 6 Case

Dow Corning knew traditional Sapphire in preventing scratches are very good, but against the drop impact performance is not satisfactory. Since Sapphire is easily broken in case of fall, so it's not very good and our daily in great matches in his pocket. But consumers are aware that they need to scratch away from their excellent displays on Smartphones, by looking at the recent months toughened glass screen protector popularity just know it. However, Dow Corning is not to completely convert to use Sapphire, they claim to have discovered in Gorilla Glass between the Sapphire and the way to keep a perfect balance.

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Project Phire sounds like the glass can be used in any unexpected circumstances to remain intact, and even on the beach won't have to worry about the screen would be the sand scratches. But seeing it, only after the real products available, be compelling enough.

If we really do so, Corning will firmly anchor the glass supplier status being Apple, of course, also includes other major smartphone manufacturers. Corning plans to begin selling to manufacturers later this year Project Phire, when Dow Corning may use another name for the product.


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