Saturday, October 3, 2015

Announced the break in the next two weeks to the last drop free express campaign

On June 4, today, announced the interruption of the next two weeks to the last drop "free express" campaign, and said the reason is because some has nothing to do with money. It is reported that on June 2, drops by the Beijing Municipal traffic Commission transport authority, the city transportation bus Guard Corps Corps of law enforcement and Public Security Bureau interviewed together. Traffic Committee noted that launch to the last drop "car to the last drop" and "express train to the last drop" operations, use of private cars and rental car drivers, in accordance with the provision of transport services and passenger preference according to the meter and time of passenger services, in violation of the provisions of existing laws and regulations. Terrible mind readers Silicon Valley startups

As compensation, next Monday (June 8) to next Monday (June 15) after each user to take the express train to the last drop, we will automatically compensate 2 8 Express tickets, replaces the original 15 Yuan for free, of course, two opportunities every day.