Thursday, October 22, 2015

Have a smart glass to you automatically when drunk cab pick you up

  Some tech firms seem to be taking a heavy component of the hat on the smart glass, let them drink, tell what to drink beverages ... ... Most are not doing it.

  This ePint Cup idea is very interesting, it is not how great we are, but also very practical: helps you get out on the wine Bureau.

EPint intelligent water bottle

EPint intelligent water bottle

  When it records and found that when you drink too much alcohol, corresponding mobile app will likely help you directly call a taxi, you fall before you pick up. You can save a reason to run wine. Social media Denver online travel though they do

  At present, the ePint on Kickstarter to raise the price of $ 30 ($ 190), shipped in April next year.

  In addition, the ePint function with a very pleasing people, its body color can change according to what you are going through things. For example, you and your friends at home while watching the ball, drinking beer, your support team goals, ePint built-in LED lights blue immediately, though it also come on with you. This is because the goal of the news ePint mobile applications (support iPhone and Android), Bluetooth ePint cups are to be adjusted through color.

  At least, that rather than simply record your drink and how much water had been drained of intelligent glass to use too much.