Friday, October 9, 2015

Millet hit billion investment Tiger securities enter the scale of billions of

On September 9, the Internet stock brokers securities of Tiger officially announced that it has received xiaomi billion the size of a round of investment, both funds delivery has been completed, finance users in real time the funds will be mainly used for product development and market subsidies.

Financial General Manager Wang Anquan millet believes that Internet brokerages will be next flash point Internet financial stocks as an important battlefield or foreign investment will become the next outlet. Relevant data show that China now FRY number at least 500,000 of stocks, US stock brokerage business market size of about 10 billion. Baidu's index showed that under the influence of a-share market turmoil in late August, user concerns about stocks of up to 10 times.

King safety says the investment securities of Tiger millet into the field of Internet brokerages for the first time, a major also is in the field of millet into a comprehensive Internet strategy. "Millet was optimistic about Tiger securities, is the founding team of professional background, and second, their ideals and dreams with what we think is a road, three Tiger securities team consistent with millet, customer first, attention to the experience of philosophy, there is a sense of good products. "

Tiger securities was founded in June 2014, the main Wall Street businesses, founding team come from the Internet and financial sector, currently trading software developed by "Tiger stocks APP" iOS and Android version has been applied in various markets online.

Tiger securities founder (CEO) Wu Tianhua think, with Internet policy of advance and exchange rate reform of accelerated, Chinese in global range within for assets configuration has became wealth hedge value-added of trend, investment stocks is threshold minimum, and most "affordable" of a items, increasingly more of Chinese has has needs and conditions, but is faced with account procedures complex, and rates high, and abroad brokerage software experience poor and the language communication, many obstacles, It is this huge market space and experience for stocks he founded Tiger securities in the first place. Eulogizing the ambitious dream of science and

Tiger the maximum advantage, according to China Securities investors use to build full Chinese, convenient interaction client, address the biggest pain point of Chinese users. He also disclosed that Tiger securities trading software developed by "Tiger stocks" have not only the entire Chinese interface, there is one short click, mobile features such as trailing stop, real-time quotes, online by technology and financial stocks the players attention and praise.

Both sides said this round of financing is a Tiger so far to obtain the largest amount of investment in securities. Prior to this, the company has obtained the King Lam Estate investment, integrity Fund Wang, Xianfeng huaxing, the United States Mission more than more than 20 strategic investment.