Sunday, October 4, 2015

Football CEO Qiang Bai the transition is Uber sea

Junior strong China is strong, young think tank China is wise, in his the young China 100 years ago, Liang said that juvenile relationship with the country. This move to youth soccer and football in China, truth, and youth soccer are strong, the Chinese soccer has a strong possibility. There are many startups engaged in youth soccer, in the current context of mobile Internet, football is one of them. Recently, the billion euro NET interview with founder and CEO of white football strong.

Of playing football like adolescents as target users, from the perspective of service youth football spread to the football market. As for why youth football that niche, Qiang Bai billion European says:

The low barriers to entry, football, not standing, and many other ball games such as basketball, tennis participation restrictions. In addition, the nature of football is more suitable to young people love to play, conducive to cultivating team spirit and character-building.

Second, the youth football market has great potential, according to the statistics, by the end of 2014, about 230 million youth under 16 years of age, primary school enrolment has more than 100 million of them.

First, from the "Uber" to "sea", and "heavy"

From its inception to the present, football experienced a transformation, prior to the transition, its more like "Uber"; after the transformation, it is the "Uber+ sea". Reasons for transformation, Bai Qiang said, with the industry understanding, it gradually found based on a wealth of amateur football instructor, Uber venues and resources are not suited to China's actual conditions, and amateur football coach, the site shortage of haidilao mode or can be broken.

Was first established, dynamic mode of the game is very light, online platform for amateur soccer instructors and are interested in experiencing football initiation courses children nearby paired, and arrangements to the nearest line of the site. Line has two main parts:

Training children's football coach, 0;

Second, 1 low price to attract young people participating in football first; if they want to learn in greater depth, dynamic sports will guide them to co-operate offline soccer school.

Lack of venues, coaches are moving early football "Uber" mode ahead of two major obstacles, in order to overcome them, football learning from sea, trying to "coaching, site" two pieces of content standardization, in order to build a dynamic football standardized service, there are three specific measures:

, Through cooperation with foreign football clubs, the introduction of Netherlands, outstanding teachers, curriculum and other teaching resources, and in writing tutors, videos, online training content in the form of standardized, so that amateur soccer instructors teaching quality under the guarantee line, you can quickly copy, promotion.

Second, pan-China sports cooperation and building block of the first batch of 300 football fields in Beijing, has flexible modes of football to area communities, to better serve users. Through this, searching for venue construction, operational experience, and standardize it, to seek more regional promotion.

Third, the investment group and Cerberus, founded the "move-Cerberus youth football Fund" booster youth football and to escort them.

Second, build brand IP around derivatives profits

Bai Qiang founded does not pretend money-making motive, but also to the millions of European says: do not intend to profit from users, amateur football coach, by creating dynamic football IP through premium brand and its derivatives, surrounding the development, in order to achieve future profitability.

Create a dynamic brand of football, no doubt the team's quality and execution places high demands. Bai Qiang told millions of European networks, dynamic team is a composite team, both international vision, brand image, Internet, professional experience in the industry, and many other advantages; platform now has 150,000 users, has trained more than from more than 9,000 in more than 40 cities nationwide amateur football coach.

Three, into the line become a trend, light and heavy to think carefully before choosing

Football O2O start-ups due to its different target audience, make it into the football market also in terms of different common to coaches, Stadium, team leader, held the League perspective. Worthy of mention are former women's international Liu Lihao innovations has developed a line with a line of miniature football game implementations, known as KT football, KT team has been commercially implemented.

Below the trend line, are the O2O trend. Millions of European soccer O2O network by analyzing the inventory of start-up platform information and found, like Le Chi electric football, football, ball, Hey KT football, UPBOX Guild Wars Alliance with relatively light pattern and pattern of football are relatively heavy. With different modes of start-ups, has a different focus, various ways. In particular, the

One, using the light mode startups, should pay attention to the importance of offline sources, especially in the online seller's market of China, will become a platform of resource, or to set the bar for rivals. This means light mode of enterprises shall be rolled out quickly, incrementally forced memory.

Second, using the weight mode startups, or endured a longer growing cycle, and the need to invest a lot of money. But heavy model of success stories in the first and let myself go down and is key to its consideration at the present stage.

The journey, for Chinese football, youth football is starting, is the starting point. As one of the enterprises of the healthy adolescent, football has its positive side. For football, but, in the face of this incremental market, flow of user retention, inventory or the focus of the work at this stage. BAT together securities company net big money