Saturday, October 31, 2015





  Recently, the first mobile phone manufacturing giant Nokia announced the launch of a virtual reality camera Ozo, has also entered the field of virtual reality.

  Ozo, this camera has 8 synchronization shutter sensor and 8 microphones, capturing stereoscopic 3D videos. Equipped with real-time software allows the photographer to see 3D images without requiring users to combine panoramic images.

  The cameras planned for the end of the listing, price unknown.

  Nokia has on brand advertising in the crowdsourcing platform Tongal requires creative independent filmmakers to submit short films to show the Ozo camera performance. Tongal video advertising platform is a gateway customer, brands can publish tasks above, independent filmmakers can submit creative, making short movies is selected can be sponsored. Its clients have P&G, LEGO, Pringles potato chips, McDonald's and other major brands. This is the platform of the first virtual reality project.

  Through this project, Nokia wants to show the possibilities of virtual reality media. It does not give the creator limits, just want to see what they can make. Only condition is that the photographer must be displayed within 120 seconds of this new type of camera "astonishing" performance.

  From now on, anyone can submit a 500-word creative proposals, two of the best ideas will each receive an award of $ 1000. Then on August 26 shooting stage, filmed two contestants will submit implementation programmes. They will each receive $ 20,000 and get the production of Ozo camera. Last winner of the Ozo camera will be retained. MA over the past 20 years are Internet companies

  As virtual reality technology gradually became popular, several major tech giants in the world are developing virtual reality hardware products. Google announced on this year's Developer Conference equipped with 16 cameras virtual reality camera sports camera company GoPro also developed stereo screen camera Facebook Rift developed its Oculus is a virtual reality helmet the expectations; Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality helmets has gained some popularity.