Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sony announced a new VR game is to attract people to buy equipment

Prospects of Sony VR game, yesterday, they issued a series of VR on the Paris games week games.

New joined of game including we had reported had of, August YouTube Shang watch up of terrorist game until dawn (Until Dawn), this is Sony virtual achieved game equipment Shang first paragraph real of terrorist game; a paragraph through back prehistoric exploration dinosaur world of science exploration class game Robinson: journey (Crytek's Robinson:The Journey); also has a paragraph old players may play had, very classic of fighting game iron fist The seventh part of the series. The game will be available at the PlayStation 4 release, and exclusive content.

At the meeting, Sony also announced that more than 200 developers in virtual reality VR content provided for Sony. In addition to the recently released games, prior to the Tokyo game show, the three countries without 7, such as the final fantasy 14 series of games have announced their support for Sony VR platform.

Robinson: the journey of the prehistoric world of concept maps

Robinson: the journey of the prehistoric world of concept maps Amazon s God Apple top strategy depth

Sony also announced that its Sony Pictures will provide content for their virtual reality platform, which may be able to use Sony's helmet to watch movies and listen to music.

Both of these games, or movies and music to join Sony eventually hopes to pass the content to attract users into purchasing their PlayStation VR equipment. Just like Sony to sell VHS VCR to the same film.

Sony has not yet announced the PlayStation VR listed time and price. So far as we know is that the device will be listed in the first half of next year, starting price may be $ 800, then gradually controlling the cost down to about $ 300.

The price for the average user is not cheap. Without large quantities of equipment and users, no matter how snarled, VR can only stay in a new game concept.