Monday, October 12, 2015

Women accounted for most drops fast car May market 86 2

  On July 7, latest news, according to the concept of think tank's latest Chinese digital consumers radar data show that May 2015 drops quickly to 86.2% ratio of China's limousine service coverage of active users first name, Uber and Chinese car with 16.8% and 8.3% ratio ranked second and third.



  Relative to men, women pay more attention to product experience and security. Therefore, limousine service on the APP in the proportion of female users can reflect to some extent the product the user concepts in the service level and the level of security. Generally speaking, the higher the proportion of female users, where users believe the level of service and security as possible. It appears from the data, drops fast 55% per cent female users on the platform, in the three highest divine car users the lowest percentage of women, only 46.3%.



  May 2015 China car age distribution can be seen in the services APP users, drops the main user for young white-collar workers, data shows, drop user, 61.7% of users under age 30, 25-30 user's 40.4% per cent overall, much higher than the Uber 17.9%.



  China's car market after nearly a year of intense competition in, has been gradually changing from channel-oriented to service-oriented. As China's car market scale approaching Internet taxi market transaction volume, each limousine service providers have gradually reduced subsidies on the user side, turned to optimize customer service and customer experience to increase user stickiness.

  Analysys Research, a think-tank found that as China's car market to increased competition, fast drops and Uber are seeking more investment for the next phase of expansion. But Uber expected to accelerate the expansion of markets of varying size in the Chinese market, drops more fast expansion in product lines, is expected in 2015 drops rapidly in the second half of its driver and bus services will be on-line, while the original taxi and limousine product lines expand the carpool feature. Capital is still keen on photography O2O battle