Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Video in the eyes of Microsoft s ultimate notebook Surface Book prototype hands

Windows 10 hardware on the new Conference, held yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its first notebook-Surface Book-a 13.5-inch screen. At the press conference said Panos Panay Surface Book is "ultimate laptop", the companies have ever built "the thinnest, most powerful PC. "In the past few years, Microsoft for partners always provide their own Windows operating system and Office software, and now Microsoft is very clear high-end components, stylish looks, and system integration, become the new flagship device.

Surface Book promotional video

Surface Book prototype hands-on Pay for 3 months captured in Lijiang

Surface Book equipment most new of Intel processor, inve up GeForce series GPU, screen size for 13.5 inches, range time can up 12 hours, other of technology details also including more points touch Control Board (highest 5 a points), support full size SD card, screen can and keyboard separation (GPU placed in keyboard base within, this and Surface Pro+ keyboard of combination different, Microsoft called "mixed" design). The total thickness of 7.7mm and weighing 1.6 pounds. Surface Book taking reservation starting from October 7 and shipping on October 26, retails for $ 1499.