Thursday, October 8, 2015

Targeting millet 4C one plus mobile phone Mini Edition configuration and

Some time ago, one plus mobile phone co-founder said in an interview, one plus one will launch a position before Christmas in the West-end smartphones, machine prices probably between $ 180-300 (about 1000-2000). Meanwhile, on so-called plus mobile youth version (or mini version) message has been heard, and a midrange version of mobile phone-related information began to surface. The foreign media's latest news, this one plus cell phone product will be named OnePlus Mini, and exposure as well as the detailed configuration of the machine. (From the network illustrated in this paper) Can t cook They can make you kitchen gods

Recently, foreign media revealed a mobile mini-related information, it is said that it will be named OnePlus Mini, and 5-inch 1080p display, equipped with eight core 2.2GHz processor MT6795T, built-in 2GB memory and 32GB the body storage; photos, provide a 5 million pixels front camera and a 13 million megapixel rear camera (IMX258, Aperture to F/2.0), Battery capacity is about 3000-3100mAh. Allegedly, this machine is also equipped with a USB interface Type c, and support the NFC and infrared capabilities, IP67 waterproof and dustproof function might be.

The configuration information from the exposure, the OnePlus Mini 4C with the latest release of millet is similar to small screen are all configuration ends in mainstream (5 inch) smart phone. Once released, the machine, the 1000-2000 between the prices will also lock millet 4C directly for their most direct competitors. It is worth mentioning that, prior exposure of the rendering, the OnePlus Mini seems to have used unibody design, thickness of the fuselage also will have a good performance. Believe, over time, will soon have real photos exposed out of the machine.